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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Experiencing Squiggle Eych Two Oh Plus

A raise of hands, if you have heard of ~H2O+ before *raises hand*. Another raise of hands if you have used ~H2O+ products before *lowers hand*. Naturally, when I was invited by sweet Melissa to be a part of the ~H20+ store event at Pavilion last Sunday, I RSVP-ed despite the fact that I was going to have an major paper the next day and was already as sick as a dog (beer is apparently very effective to relieve body heatiness!). And thank goodness I went because I had a swell time and it's always a blast to catch up with the other beauty blogging ladies -- Beetrice, Paris, Kahani, and Syen.

Read on for my afternoon experience with ~H2O+ and there's a goodie for Malaysian readers at the end of the post!

A brief story... ~H2O+ is an American brand that concentrates on water-based sea-derived personal care products. The brand has almost 20 years of retail experience in the US market but it has only recently been re-introduced to the Malaysian market (they were here before but they left and then came back with new and better management). They have a huge array of products that cater to different skin concerns with maximum hydration in mind, which is what every single skin type needs. The products range from skin care to body care with reasonable price tags (a notch or two down of Clinique's price range).

We were greeted by the CEO of Luxor Beauty World, Wong Meng Choy aka MC, and was given a briefing on the ~H2O+ product range. We tried to give him our fullest attention but then kept straying and getting distracted by all the colorful goodies around us. MC, I think next time you may have to stick us in a room for the briefing and quiz us at the end of it to make sure that we pay attention!

Kahani was the worst! Barely 10 minutes into the briefing and she was already grabbing stuff and sniffing them. But then again, how can you not sniff with scents such as "Raspberry Guava" and "Tango Mango" luring you? They even have cute travel size packs that are of great value. My favorite scent was from the ocean range called "Ebb Tide".

Post briefing, we were given skin consultations by the friendly staff (so cliche!) at ~H2O+ and they gave their recommendations on the products that would be suitable for our skin types and concerns. We then proceeded to opening every single tester bottle/tube/jar that we can find, which I'd like to call the "Exploring Session".

At first glance, especially with the brand's clean concept, you may not have noticed the sense of humor in the packaging and layout. Check out the shower! That's a real shower head but sadly, no real water coming out of it. If I remembered correctly, Bee dared Kahani to take a shower in there (Somebody correct me if I got the people mixed up). What a sight it would be for the passer-bys! The Green Tea range was packaged in containers that looked like Chinese tea canisters and the Buttermilk Bath Soaks were in classic milk bottles. So cute!

With so many ladies on site, there was definitely a lot of beauty-related yakking (typical beauty junkie behavior) and photo-snapping (typical blogger behavior). We had "ooh-aah" moments, seeing the before-and-afters for the Face Oasis Cleansing Water. The Oasis range is the star of ~H2O+, dedicated to hydrate, energize and vitalize the complexion with pure water-rich nourishment.

And we were fortunate (and grateful!) enough to go back with two of ~H2O+ star products which are the Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment and Face Oasis Cleansing Water. I have already incorporated the two products into my skincare routine and I'm really loving them so far! The reviews will come out after I've fully experienced the products.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at the full range of ~H2O+ products on their website.

We then adjourned to Theobroma Chocolate Lounge (mistakenly read as "TheObama Chocolate Lounge" by ParisB -- I was too blind to see anything but "Chocolate") for further yakking over a cup of cocoa, about classic TV shows and furry animals (Bee, Christmas lights? For real?). Mmmm... Then Syen showed off her Beautilicious goodies *envies*.

And the moment that you have all been waiting for...

A reward for having to read through my lengthy post:

This voucher entitles you to a 50% discount for this limited edition Beach Bag gift set that is retailed at RM100. The set consists of a Dual Action Eye Make-up Remover, Marine Cleansing Gel (wild guess!), Ice Water Cooling Mint Body Wash, Lip Oasis Plumping Gloss in Tempt, and a Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment all in travel sizes. Oh! And then there's the cute toiletry bag. So, RM50 for all of that!

To use this voucher:
  1. Click on the the voucher image for full-size view
  2. Print out the voucher
  3. Write your name, IC number and contact number at the back of the voucher
  4. Present it to the cashier when you make your purchase
  5. Do it by 1st March 2009. The sooner the better since this is only while supplies last.
The voucher is only applicable at ~H2O+ retail outlets stated on the voucher (which means that you can't use this at department store counters).

I'll place the photo link on the sidebar so you can get your friends to print out the vouchers for themselves as well.


kahani said...

Hoi! Pick me out summore! In my defence, I've been through the entire ~H2O+ spiel before, and probably know the line better than he does, having followed it from the moment it landed on M'sian shores, about 5 years back. ;) So of COURSE I was bored!

Snow falling said...

oh do review on H2O+ products!!~~
lol. My own moisturizer is finishing and am looking around for another moisturizer to test out. H2O+ is one of those which I had shortlisted. lol

Connie said...

Kahani: I know la I know la... kidding only :p

Snow Falling: Soon enough! You can expect the review to be good la.

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