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Friday, January 16, 2009

e.l.f. Studio: USD3 and Worth Every Penny!

Eyeslipsface aka e.l.f. is already well-known for their USD1 cosmetics. Some of my favorites include the Tone Correcting Concealer, Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder and Eyeshadow Brush. Truthfully, some of the 1 Dollar products do look rather cheapo and just didn't work all that well but I always tell myself, "It's just a buck. What do you expect?".

Recently, e.l.f. came up with a new line of products called e.l.f. Studio but this time, each product was USD3 instead. The first thing I noticed about the range was that none of the products looked cheap. They all looked very classy in matte black packaging and with the quality to match.

e.l.f. has definitely outdone itself this time. It has proven itself with the Studio line that cosmetics need not be expensive in order to be great.

Read on for the reviews and swatches.

Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter

I didn't get this for myself since I don't bother to use highlighters for my dark circles so this review is courtesy of Carmen. The highlight has very fine shimmers that help to brighten the darkened areas so that not too much concealer has to be caked on. The concealer gives a medium coverage and doesn't sink into the lines under the eye. Both liquids are easy to blend and packaged in a dual-sided tube with a doe-foot applicator. The screw even has a sort of 'lock' when it's properly closed so the chances of the concealer unscrewing itself in the tossing of your bag is quite slim. I would not recommend this to those with intense dark circles looking for full cover. However, this would be great to brighten the eye area as well as for touching up.

Eyebrow Kit

The packaging is compact with a huge mirror. It comes with a dual sided applicator with one side being an angled flat brush for the gel and the other side is a tapered fluffy brush for the powder. The brush, although tiny is of good quality so you wouldn't wanna toss the brush out unlike with most on-palette applicators. I expected the gel side to be creamy but it was rather firm, which is good. This means that not too much product will be picked up by the brush. The texture is very smooth which helps to shade in the brows naturally. The powder side is also smooth and not too powdery. It does not have a strong color but it helps to set the gel and also gives a more natural finish. The shade I got was too light for me to draw but it's usable to shade in the darker areas of my brows. So, for Asians, I'd recommend getting the Medium shade instead.

Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

Carmen got Brown Basic and I got Black Smoke. It has a sturdy dual ended packaging.

The cream shadow side is a very light bronze shade and will look really pretty for daytime. It's not too frosty either. The shadow does not smudge at all. I repeat, it DOES NOT SMUDGE. You can literally rub on it and it will not smudge. I was truly amazed. That said, it will be wonderful as an eyeshadow base as well because you can count on it to not crease either. The liner side is more of a deep bronze with some shimmers. A very pretty color indeed. However, the liner does smudge a little but it's still decent compared to most pencil liners. It is incredibly smooth though. Glides like a dream.

The texture for this shade is exactly the same as with the Brown Basic. There's quite a good amount of product on each side. The Smoke is said to be a dupe for MAC Shadestick in Sharkskin. A more famous dupe for Sharkskin is NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Slate. Comparing both swatches, Smoke is more silvery so I think Slate would be a closer dupe (from the swatches I've seen). Nevertheless, it'll make a great base for smokey eyes and of course, it doesn't smudge (unlike NYX). The liner side is again, very smooth and perfect for tightlining because it can get into the nooks of the lashes' roots effortlessly. But since it does smudge, I would not recommend using it for the waterline.

Complexion Brush

This product was one of the biggest surprises. Although e.l.f. makes a very good eyeshadow brush, all the other brushes are practically crap. Carmen bought it just because she wanted to give it chance when I didn't. And to my dismay (because I didn't get it), it was INCREDIBLY SOFT! The synthetic bristles felt like silk on the skin. Definitely one of the softest brush I've ever felt and believe me, there are only a handful of insanely soft brushes that I've encountered. There is a slight chemical-light scent but once you wash it, it'll be gone. The brush doesn't shed and nor did it bleed. The complexion brush will be ideal for powder and blush application. It comes with a clear protector for the bristles. Now I really can't wait to get my own!

You must be wondering why I've only reviewed four products when there's five in the first picture. Well, that product is the piesta de resistance. It deserves a whole other post for it.

Malaysian Readers, e.l.f. products can be obtained through sgdrugstore.


Snow falling said...

Wow, you got your elf studio products really fast!!!~~lol. I'm lemming for them !~ Too bad Ryan will only open his sprees end of the mth/ beginning of next mth. lol.

Would love to try the brush , shadow and liner stick...and I saw the other product!!~~ Its the blush and contouring palette , right???!!~~ I wanna get that too!!~~ oh do do review on it. lol

Askmewhats said...

wow they all look good, i hope they sell it here :)

心。葵 @ plue said...

Now I am tempted with the brushes, the duo blush/ bronzer and the shadesticks! concealer too! die la, my purse kenot tahan la! lol!

queenyee said...

they all look nice, but i'm wondering how come the packaging looks like NARS cosmetics, hehe...

Connie said...

Snow: I got them from the previous spree. hehe.
Yes! The other product is the blush and contouring duo :) Review should be up tomorrow.

Nikki: It's not on the elf asia site though. It's still very new.

Plue: I already have two of the brushes that I wanna get. keh keh

Queenyee: The packaging is NARS-like isn't it? ;)

gio said...

wow, they all sound great! I'm really tempted by the brush and the concealer. I can't wait for them to be released here too.

jojoba said...

the compact reminds me of NARS and Arrisa Studios... and I like how the brush looks.

It seems to me you do a lot of internet shopping for cheap and good stuff. I think MAYBE I should start doing that too. I am too chicken to shop online. Your blog always makes me want to do it!

Connie said...

Gio: I'm still wondering when e.l.f. will be released here. It's already in Singapore though.

Jojoba: I think they had every intention to copy. I was utterly surprised by the brush. Very soft.
I get itchy when I know that there's something good online and I try to get it! I don't shop online with credit cards so joining in sprees is the best way for me. But I'm warning you, it can be addictive!

lilconstance said...

Hey Connie,

Which shade for the Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter would you rec for a MAC NC25 skintone? E.L.F Studio items look good, I'm def joining Ryan's spree next month. Thanks for this review! Btw, do you think that the Eyebrow Kit in dark would be too dark?

Connie said...

Welcome! For NC25, Fair should be just right since Carmen's NC25 as well. I have no idea how Dark would look but I have read that Dark can be quite... dark. lol. I think Medium would be safer.

Tine said...

'Tis a pity ELF Studio isn't available on the ELF Australia website. I'm really interested in that brush you were holding there :)

Connie said...

Tine: It's not on the Asia website either. :-/ You'd have to order them from US.

Fabuless Beauty said...

Thanks for this! I find ELF to be either a hit or miss with some people.

Agnes said...


i think i should stop reading T__T am broke now...

i want that duo liner + shadow thingy and that BRUSH!!! omg.. if its cheap i will get it T__T else i'll just pray my angpao is bigger this year T__T

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