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Friday, February 29, 2008

Blue Smoke Tutorial

Just to finish the other eye, I've done a tutorial on a simple blue smokey eye look. Enjoy!

Items Used:
  1. Missha The Style Cream Eyeshadow Stick in White
  2. Stila Eyeshadow in Champagne
  3. Elianto Colour Studio Eyeshadow in Cool Aqua
  4. Giorgio Armani Eyeshadow in shade #1
  5. Sweetscents Mineral Pigments in Midnight
  6. Missha The Style Magic Eye Changer
  7. Giorgio Armani Eye Pencil in shade #4
  8. Clinique Lash Power Mascara in Black Onyx

Brushes (from the left): eyeshadow brush, small contour brush, #6 mop brush, sponge tip applicator, angled brush, #0 liner brush

First, apply the cream eyeshadow all over the lids as a base and blend. Alternatively, you can use eye primers or anything else that helps your eyeshadow to 'stick'.

Next, take your eyeshadow brush and apply Cool Aqua on the inner lid.

Follow with shade #1 on the outer lid. Using your eye shadow brush, blend the two colors together by gently dragging the brush from the inner lid to outer lid. Light blue to dark blue.

Then, use your small contour brush to apply Midnight on the outer corner of the lid extending it to the outer corner of the lower lid. Blend by gently dragging the black to the dark blue.

Using your angled brush, apply Cool Aqua on the inner lower lash line and follow with shade #1. Drag the colors from inner to outer lower lash line by using your contour brush.

You may add some more Cool Aqua on your inner lid if you like a more intense color.

Apply Champagne under your brows using a foam applicator.

Blend in the highlight using the mop brush and blend the color separation line to get a softer line. Drag the brush gently over your eye lid to soften lines.

N0w, we line. Moisten your liner brush with the Magic Eye Changer. You may also use other mixing mediums or water. Line in Midnight on the upper lash line. Tightline your upper lash line with the eye pencil.

Add a few coats of mascara and you're done!

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Hide The Truth : Concealing Dark Circles

Being one of the most common flaw for many many people, dark eye circles can be an absolute pain to conceal. Not concealing your dark eye circles properly can lead to accentuated fine lines, patchiness, flakiness and anti-raccoon eyes (white eye circles). In this post, I'll be sharing just a simple technique for concealing dark eye circles that looks natural even without a foundation to match.

These would be the stuff that I'll be using:
  1. Missha The Style Perfect Concealer
  2. Giorgio Armani UV Silk Powder
  3. A size 6 mop cut brush

Step 1:
Moisturize your under eye area with an eye cream/gel or a plain ol' moisturizer. Leave it to settle for a few minutes.

Step 2:

Dab on concealer directly where the shadows are only. You can dab some excess on the lighter area. Do this with either your finger or a concealer brush. Don't slap on too much concealer on the entire area to avoid anti-raccoon eyes.

Step 3:

Sweep the concealer that you've dabbed on over the affected area. You can also do this with your finger or a brush.

Step 4:

Use your ring finger and lightly pat the concealed area until you no longer see a visible color difference line between the concealer and your own skin as well as brush lines. I always recommend using the finger to pat because our finger has warmth which helps to warm up the concealer so that it settles in more naturally on the skin.

Step 5:

Finally, set the concealer by puffing on some powder on the concealed area with a mop brush or any other brushes that would be appropriate. You can use a powder foundation for additional coverage or loose powder.

And you're done! You can finish off by sweeping some powder over the entire face for a natural look. If you'd like to use a foundation, I would recommend applying your foundation first then only apply the concealer.


and after.

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Happy Leap Year Day!

Especially for this day that only comes once every 4 years, I decided to do a Leap Year look. Inspiration for this look is courtesy of the Red-eyed Tree Frog.

Items Used:
  1. Missha The Style Cream Eyeshadow Stick in White as a base
  2. Elianto Colour Studio Eyeshadow in Champagne, Cool Aqua, Lemonish Green and Soft Yellow
  3. Sweetscents Mineral Pigments in Bronze Sparkle
  4. Meiniya Eyeshadow Quad in CO11#
  5. Sweetscents Mineral Pigments in Sienna used with
  6. Missha The Style Magic Eye Changer as liner
  7. Giorgio Armani Eyeshadow in shade 10 to fill in brows
  8. Giorgio Armani Eye Pencil in shade 4 for tight lining
  9. Clinique Lash Power Mascara in Black Onyx

Hope you like it. Happy Leap Year Day!
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Choosing the Correct Foundation : Color

With so many colors of foundation that look so similar to one another, which one should you choose? Finding a foundation in the correct shade may be one of the most annoyingly difficult part of make-up to many people. Fortunately, there are fool-proof methods of choosing the shade of foundation that matches your skin perfectly. We'll go through several steps on how to find the correct foundation shade as well as tips that you should keep in mind when purchasing a foundation.

Finding the Perfect Match

Step 1 : Determine Your Color Tone

First, we need to find out if you have a cool or warm skin tone. Here are a few tricks:
  • Look at the veins on your arm. If they're blue, you're cool. If they're green, you're warm
  • Put on a true white top and then an off-white top. If you look better in true white, you're cool and vice versa
  • Do you look better in silver jewelery or gold? Silver is cool, gold is warm.

Next, we'll determine if your skin tone is pink, yellow, olive or brown. Those with very fair complexion that burns before it tans, tend to have a pink tone. Yellow is the most general tone that applies to those with fair to medium complexions. Asians tend to have a yellow tone as well. If you're tanned, you can probably accept an olive tone. If you have a dark complexion, you'd have a brown tone.

Step 2 : Neutralizing Color

After you have confirmed your skin tone, take a look at the foundation that you're keen on. Does it look too pink or too yellow? Some foundations tend to have that which may overpower the natural color of your skin tone. Using overly pink foundation on pink skin would make you look like a lobster while yellow on yellow equals banana. Some foundations may convince you that they are color correctors but you'd still have to be careful. You wouldn't want to have a yellow arm with a pink face.

The best option is to go for a foundation that is overall, neutral in color but has a hint of yellow or pink to match your skin tone perfectly.

Step 3 : Matching Foundation to Your Skin

Always -- I can't say this enough -- ALWAYS, try a foundation on your face rather than the back of your hand. The color and skin on the back of your hand is not the same as the skin on your face. A foundation color should never be 'settled' on. It is important to find the correct shade so that you do not look like you have a mask on. Blend the foundation along your jawline. If you don't see anything, you've found your match.

It is not advisable to use a foundation that is lighter or darker than your natural skin tone to avoid an artificial look. The color on your face should match the color on your neck.
Some skin tones may accept several shades of foundation. In a case like this, try each shade on a larger area on the jawline and see which shade one you like best. If you are torn between a lighter and darker shade, I would suggest to opt for a lighter shade as blushers and bronzers can be added to darken the shade.

The perfect skin tone should make your skin look brightened and fresh but without any obvious color difference.

If you follow the steps above, you should be able to find your foundation shade.

Foundation Buying Tips

  1. Apply foundation on a clean face that is free from any facial make-up
  2. I would suggest to try the foundation on yourself rather than asking a beauty assistant to do it for you. This is because many make-up artists are magicians that can make the wrong shade look perfect on you and you'd go home not being able to duplicate the same effect. Also, sadly, there are some beauty assistants that may try to talk you out of buying your perfect shade and convince you to take a different shade because they're out of stock.
  3. Avoid using foundation brushes at the cosmetic counter when you're trying out the foundation. The brushes may not be cleaned properly from its previous usage and this may compromise the actual color of foundation that goes on your skin.
  4. Dust some translucent loose powder over the foundation to see the actual effect in a complete make-up. It is also a way to determine if your foundation is truly moisturizing or mattifying. After a layer of powder, a moisturizing foundation should still look glowing and dewy while a mattifying foundation should look matte and shine-free.
  5. Ask for a hand mirror so that you can see the effect of the foundation in several lights. Daylight would be the best light to confirm your shade in.
  6. Do not rush when buying a foundation. After trying, walk around for half an hour to an hour. This gives time for the foundation to oxidize and settle in. Put the foundation to the test so that you would know if it really feels comfortable and looks good after having it on for awhile.

A foundation should feel like a second skin and never a mask. Although it may be tedious, finding the correct foundation shade makes a rather huge difference in your overall look. Good luck!
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Beauty From Within

Having good skin is not only from the products that you physically use on your face. Your diet and your lifestyle also play parts in helping you achieve healthy skin. Although, good or bad skin may also be hereditary which, I know, is rather unfair. But if you do happen to have the bad, it doesn't mean that you have to live with it. Maintenance will help prevent your skin condition from becoming worse.

Nutrients that you consume may not affect the condition of your skin tremendously but it would be beneficial if you have beauty concerns that you'd like to overcome. Well, it doesn't hurt to try. If it works for you, you'd be thankful for it.

We'll have a look at several nutrients that would benefit the skin and what kind of food contains them. Personally, I've tested out Vitamin A, C and B complex. It did help improve my skin condition.

Vitamin A/Beta Carotene

  • To prevent and clear skin infections
  • Increases blood circulation for glowing skin
  • Helps with dry skin and wrinkles
  • Prevents pimples
Food with vitamin A/beta carotene: Carrots, tomatoes, papaya

Vitamin B Complex

  • For luminous skin
  • Prevents skin irritations/dermatitis
  • Prevents premature wrinkles
  • Helps with dry skin
Food with vitamin B complex: Nuts, grains, wheat

Vitamin C

  • Encourages production of collagen
  • Prevents skin from drying
  • Help to firm tissue and prevent wrinkles
  • Builds up immunity to resist infection
  • Prevents pigmentation
Food with vitamin C: Citrus fruits, berries, green vegetables

Vitamin E

  • Forms muscles and tissue to prevent wrinkles
  • Prevents dry and dull skin
  • Improves circulation and speeds healing of scars
Food with vitamin E: Whole grains, egg yolks, olives, sunflower seeds, milk


  • To firm up skin
  • Prevents sagging skin and wrinkles
  • Improves elasticity of skin
Food with protein: Avocado (contains collagen), sunflower seed (contains collagen), fish, meat

Fats and Oils

  • Assists absorption of certain vitamins
  • Contributes to production of natural oil
  • Gives glowing look to skin
  • Plump out fine lines
Food with fats and oils: Butter, nuts, vegetable oil


  • To detoxify the body's system
  • Gives skin a moisturized and dewy look
  • Protects against pimples
  • Hydrates skin

Calcium and Phosphorus

  • Helps clear blemished skin
  • Perks up tired skin
Food with calcium and phosphorus: Milk, salmon, walnuts, oranges


  • Aids production of skin pigment
  • Prevents blotches on skin from ruptured blood vessels
  • Helps give skin support
Food with copper: Chicken, mushrooms, raisins, oysters


  • Aids formation of collagen
  • Prevents wrinkles and dry skin
  • Promotes healing of blemishes
Food with zinc: Eggs, mushrooms, spinach, oysters
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Budget Vs High End : Round 1

Cosmetics can cost hundreds of Ringgit to just a few Ringgit. Choosing to purchase budget or high end cosmetics really depends on how much you are willing to pay for that tube of lip gloss and ultimately, the effect that you get from the product. There is no wrong in buying cheap or expensive make up but we'd all love to know the alternatives to expensive products, don't we? In the end, the one that you choose would be the one you personally like best. Hence, I'll be doing several personal comparisons. I'll try my best to include the prices and choose the winner despite what I can afford.

Missha Rose Water Skin Care Ideal Oil Cleanser Vs La Mer The Cleansing Fluid

Missha (RM22 online): Your basic cleansing oil that gets the job done fairly. It's not too oily and has a pleasant rose scent. Don't really get that 'clean' feeling but the debris do get out. Contains rose water, rosemary and ginkgo leaves extract.

La Mer (RM280 retail): A luxurious cleansing oil that cleanses quite thoroughly. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and soft. Pearl powder brightens the complexion immediately. Contains ionized sea salt, magnetized tourmaline and marine oils.

And the winner is.............. La Mer

Elianto Color Studio Eye Shadow Vs Giorgio Armani Eye Shadow

Elianto (RM5 retail): With tons of colorful shades to choose from, these smooth eye shadows provide vibrant colors that are easy to blend and 'stick' onto eyelids well even without an eye primer. However, the color does not stay on long but good enough for a few hours.

Giorgio Armani (RM75 retail):
Mostly earthy tones, th
e texture may be a tad too powdery for the matte colors making them difficult to go on the lids. This also makes the eye shadows hard to blend at times.The satin finish colors are better in texture. Stay on long for hours but tend to look blotchy after awhile.

And the winner is.............. Elianto

Missha The Style Perfect Concealer Vs Benefit Boi-ing

Missha (RM16 online): Has a rich creamy texture that provides sufficient coverage. Easy to blend and does not dry out too much. Excellent for concealing dark eye circles.

Benefit (RM89 retail): Rather drying and does not give the coverage that it claims. Accentuates fine lines instead of concealing them.

And the winner obviously is............ Missha

Origins Pinch Your Cheeks Vs Benefit Benetint

Origins (RM44 retail): A tiny tube of potent color. Just a tiny blob to flush up your cheeks. The gel texture makes it easy to blend and comfortable to apply on lips. The color stays on for reasonable hours. However, it stains the fingers bad.

Benetint (RM139 retail): The original lip and cheek stain. Not necessarily in the best packaging that often causes spills and breakage. The amount to use is very little. Color stays on even after swimming. Although, the color on the lips tend to break. Unfortunately, it contains sodium hydroxide which is something that would not want to put on your lips.

For convenience and personal well-being, the winner is........ Origins

Revlon Age Defying Light Make-Up Vs Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Revlon (~RM50 retail): Has a very smooth texture and blends well onto skin. Skin feels firm and not dry. Gives light to medium coverage but more to even out skin tone. Color range a little too pinkish for Asian skin tone and the color tend to change quite dramatically when the foundation oxidizes.

Giorgio Armani (RM149 retail): Has a very smooth and silky texture that blends to create a finish like a second skin. Does not feel dry and keeps skin looking glowing throughout the entire day even without touch-ups. Does not smudge even after sweating. Good range color in order to find the perfect shade.

And the winner is, by a mile........... Giorgio Armani

Time-out. We will resume to the next round soon.

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