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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tomboys & Angels Fashion Show

Last Saturday was slightly more eventful than usual. Kahani from So Loverly asked if anyone wanted to help out with the makeup for a fashion show and *shoots hand up* I volunteered, although I was still rather clueless.

"The Annexe Gallery presents TOMBOYS & ANGELS, a fashion show that celebrates gender diversity and outrageous individual expressions of style." -- MalaysiaKini.Tv

I dragged invited Carmen to come along to help out as well which was great 'cause she did awesome and kept me company while having to wait for the actual work to start for 2 1/2 hours *coughs*. Aih... and I woke up so early. It was my first time doing makeup for a fashion show so it was pretty exciting but I sorta cringe at some of my worser works. 3 hours really isn't enough for me to work with so many people! Makeup is an art and you cannot rush art. That would be an excuse for me totally sucking at quick makeup :D By the way, for this fashion show, they girls are made to look more manly and the boys, more girly.

Anyway... The models comprised of "some of Klang Valley's most interesting everyday people" including Joyce Kristen Wong (style blogger), Pang Khee Teik (photographer), Hazri Haili (biologist), Fahmi Fadzli (actor), Myra Mahyuddin (photographer), Michelle Gunaselan (activist), Sarah Ze (pop star), Mien Ly (filmmaker), Janet Lee (chanteusse), Sharon Bakar (literary queen), Davina Goh (actor), Lim Chung Wei (arts manager), Ayam Fared (writer) and a few others that I didn't catch their names.

Read on for pictures!

Mien Ly sporting a mustache with makeup by carmen

Hazri as Marie Antoinette/Pikachu (I kid!)

Sharon was supposed to be David Bowie but her makeup melted off! Dang it!

Very random. Hmmm...

Carmen made Joyce and Davina look manly

Fahmi looks like a beautiful fairy princess and was such a good sport with the false lashes ;)

My makeup!! I lost a brush :(

A quick briefing before the show

The following are shots from the fashion show. The video should pretty much explain everything.

(I dunno his name) and Mein Ly

Sarah Ze and Janet Lee

Sharon Bakar and Joyce Kristen Wong

Pang Khee Teik and Lim Chung Wei

Ayam Fared and Myra Mahyuddin

Fahmi Fadzli. He was brilliant!

Emily (Kahani), Carmen and I


Jenn said...

OMG you get to work backstage!! I'm jealous! lol!!

Great job girl!! Like you said, 3 hours is actually pretty short - i can just imagine the mad rush!! So sorry that you lost a brush though!

You have ALOT of makeup leh!!

Connie said...

I still haven't sorted out my makeup yet... it's all messed up in a paper bag and my traincase. when I organize I need mood one la.

心。葵 @ plue said...

LOL! I do anything also need mood! Including shopping! Bahahahah!

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