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Monday, January 26, 2009

TAGGED: 16 Random Things About Connie

OMG, this tag has been in the making since Christmas!

Jen from Lipglosseater tagged me to reveal 16 random things about myself. Let's see if I can get to 16 without talking crap and repeating myself since I've done many similar tags :D

1. Yes, that would be me on the Reader Road Test column in the January 2009 issue of CLEO magazine. Full review of the products coming up soon! (Except for the Aesop one. Only used one sample of it. Not long enough for a proper review)

Read on if you have time for 15 more random things.

2. My birth name is Cornelia Nicole De Alwis. I'm surprised that some of you thought that Connie De Alwis was my pen name!

3. Which brings us to number three... I'm a mix of Chinese, Sinhalese and Thai. No, I can't speak Sinhala nor Thai but I can speak Chinese (Cantonese).

4. I'm a cat freak. Although I have many many pets I am mostly obsessed with my cat and other cats as well. I'll be very happy to annoy you with all my catwhore pictures in my phone.

5. I may talk a lot but I'm usually reserved. As in, I'm not the kind who would be running around mingling with people and saying "Hi" to every person I see. I only talk when I feel comfortable enough with the people around me.

6. Please don't ask me for tissue because there's a very high chance that I won't have a pack in my bag. If you want an eyeliner or lipgloss, feel free to ask.

7. I only buy pens when it's close to exam time. Usually I'd just use pens that I find in lecture halls. I can have 2-3 eyeliners in my bag but only one pen with barely any ink left.

8. If I go to a particular restaurant, I have a high tendency of eating the same thing every time. Even when I think that I want a change, I'll still settle for the same Pan Mee.

9. One of my life dreams is to open a Super Instant Noodle Restaurant selling awesomely pimped up Maggi noodles.

10. I'm a lone-shopper. Although I don't mind shopping with a bunch of people but when I wanna do serious shopping, I prefer to go at it alone because I take the longest time to decide!

11. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I don't believe in spending a lot of money on clothes, bags and accessories. My CNY top was RM10. Check out the top I wore for the Bloggie Meet! Only RM14!

12. I love body creams but I can never discipline myself to apply it frequently so my legs are scaly. I'm wondering if this is a good thing. I seldom spend on body products because I know I won't diligently use them.

13. I used to suck horribly at makeup. HORRIBLY. I learned everything through books, YouTube videos, forum/blog tutorials, pointers from makeup artists, practice and a lot of practice. And I'm still learning. I'd go for a makeup course if I could afford it but I can't. Blergh.

14. I'm self-proclaimed, Best Girlfriend in Setapak and Selayang.

15. My favorite Nintendo DS game is Animal Crossing. I actually got so into the game that I cried when Butch the dog (one of the characters) moved away. I love Elite Beat Agents as well and I'm currently trying to complete all the difficulties in Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades.

16. Last one... last one... I have ugly toes.


Renee said...

Same for #12 for me! I am so lazy!

This was really interesting :) I'm always interested to find out about my fave bloggers!


.: Ya Hui :. said...

after reading number 4,

OMGOMGOMGOMG can i head over to your place to cuddle with your cats? please please please?! i always moan with longing when i see cats on the street but i can never get near enough to pet one because my family and bf doesn't like them. :(

say yes k. :P

jojoba said...

so i have to get that mag somewhere. i got the one with parisb so i have to get this one.

i can't hug cats or dogs... scary of not clean enough and smells... i am anal, ok? not that they are smelly.

ps: you look like 100% chinese to me! :)

happy cny!

Connie said...

Renee: Glad you enjoyed the post!

Ya Hui: Hahaha. You can hug her if she lets you :p My one kitty's in Selayang. Mom's kitty in Semenyih. Both incredibly cute and totally squishable.

Jojoba: *shy* Not like I got featured big time or something. Lol! But I'm very flattered. Thanks :)

Lol. totally understandable. Dogs definitely smell but cats... just lots of fur. Happy CNY!

rinnah said...

Hey, your top that night only cost RM14? Gosh, where do you find such bargains? Spill! *grin*

Askmewhats said...

thanks for sharing the 16facts about you, it's nice to know you more, IF i have the chance to see you,t he first thing I'll look are your toes! I wonder how ugly it could get or you're just being paranoid? LOL Your full name is so cute!!! And I speak Cantonese too! :D

Connie said...

Rinnah: Selayang Mall. Lol

Nikki: You really don't wanna see my toes! Yay! We can converse in Cantonese too then :D

Tine said...

#1 - I saw you in Cleo!! :D

#2 - Err I thought it was a pseudonym too :p

#10 - I'm so with you on this. Shopping with friends is fine, but when I really want to do any serious shopping, I gotta do it alone.

#13 - I went for a makeup course and I still suck at makeup.

Vinnie said...

hahaha.. connie, what a small world... your review on cleo magazine for moisturiser is next to mine. I just stumbled upon your website... you are really pro in doing makeup...

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