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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Part Three: He's Gonna Find Out Who's Naughty or Nice

Christmas day was unplanned, cheapest and the most entertaining! The boy and I were at the police... museum. I know it sounds lame but I assure you, it's not. It's definitely a lot more fun than hours of looking for parking in an insanely packed shopping mall, looking at the same things and spending 12-hour pay on random and unimportant stuff. We went to the planetarium first but that was really boring because they had this dude's face plastered all over the place. I was kinda groaning and moaning about going to the police museum (of course it's not MY idea) but quite unexpectedly, it was rather interesting. At least it was 10 times better than the National Museum. So, you may not have children running over your feet with Heeleys, but since the entrance is FREE (love that word, doncha?) and so is the parking (you need barely 2 minutes to find parking there), why not check it out? Here's the map.

Read on for more pictures of my last Christmas post.

Lookie! Space toilet! The planetarium was made for kids. From the free parking lot, you'd have to walk really really far up steep flights of stairs. Please avoid.

Yay! Fun! Vrooooommm.....

Let's see... we have a slot machine, some opium, headless chicken in a jar and a mix-and-match

The best part of the entire museum. All the weapons and some of the freakiest that I've ever seen. I feel painful just looking at some of them. We spent the longest time here. Stick with nails? Handmade guns? Motocycle chains? Ouch... and #10, that's a stingray barb.

Communist stuff... includes face powder, condoms, undergarments, medical supplies... and yeap! Darlie toothpaste used to be called Darkie.

This was hilarious. If you can't see the words, click on the image for a bigger view.


Jenn said...

Oh my... what a randy kerchief that was!! XD

@DdY said...

i can't help but laugh looking at the handkerchief!i want one too!its so cool =P

KayKamaL said...

gotta love those hankies~ ahahahahaha...itu pon u categorise as porno,ka?

btw,i see u had some fun w d huge motorbike..hehe

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