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Monday, December 1, 2008

Fret No More, Monolid-a!

Say goodbye and good riddance to double eyelid stickers!

To my dearest monolid-ed friends, embrace the natural beauty that you've been born with. Single lids can be beautiful too if you know how to use the right makeup technique. Thanks to a very helpful and obviously talented MAC Makeup Artist at Pavilion, Ya Hui of has stunningly had her God-given monolids enhanced to look superbly glammed! She was kind enough to share her experience from the makeover. Ya know you lookin' fine mamasita!

Read on for eye makeup tips to enhance monolids.

Monolid Makeup Tips:

Faking a crease (as in pic): Sweep a matte light-colored eyeshadow all over the lid. Shimmery eyeshadows will tend to make the lid look swollen so avoid those as a primary shade. Apply a darker (also matte) shade into the crease. I'm quite aware that the crease is not visible! Try feeling your eye with your finger (over the lid of course). You will feel the top of your eye ball and the rim of your eye socket. That's where you wanna blend in your darker shadow. Apply highlight under the brow bones to give the illusion of more lid space.

Eyelining: As mentioned in Ya Hui's post, monolids tend to have thicker lids. Thus, when a thin line is drawn, it will just disappear when the eyes are opened. Be a little braver and go with a really thick line so that it'll be visible. Make sure you use a smudge-proof eyeliner! The winged liner effect looks gorgeous on monolids because it enhances the typical asian eye giving it a very sexy and glamorous look. The science to it would be that the little wing gives the eye a "lift" making it look less droopy.

Lashes: Monolids tend to have stick straight and short lashes that refuses to curl. I highly recommend eyelash perming to keep lashes up without tedious manual curling. You'd have to apply eyelash treatment to prevent lash fallouts though. If you're going for faux lashes, opt for natural-looking lashes that don't look too heavy. Although dramatic lashes may look nice, when not properly applied, the lashes will be weighed down making the lids look heavy and eyes even smaller.

Just because you have monolids doesn't mean that you'll miss out on beautiful eye makeup looks. Just play around and experiment with your makeup so that you'll be able to discover what looks good on you.

I highly recommend the tutorials from Snowkei of She's definitely a major inspiration to many Asian girls and she shows that even teeny eyes can be transformed into something spectacular.

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Askmewhats said...

thanks for sharing! I've seen their blog and the looks! I got really amazed by the talent of these ladies :)

Connie said...


Jenn said...

I agree... girls with monolids look absolutely sexy and alluring with winged lines!!

I love snowkei's tutorials too! she's really gorgeous and i'm totally jealous of her makeup skills!!

prettybeautiful said...

yeah i agree that yahui looks dramatically diff with the thick eyeliner!

Connie said...

Jenn: I even think that winged liner on monolids look even sexier than on double lids.

Pretty: Yeah, she does! So hawt!

心。葵 @ plue said...

i am a half mono, half inner double.

hates my eyes. ughhhhhh!

eyelid stickers don't work on me. a hassle to work with. i am too lazy. bought a bunch now i wanna throw.

i very bad with eyeliners. and i lazy.

in the end, i live with my eyes. just like tat.

okla, ugly eyes ugly eyes lor, still can see things :P

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely agree! I have monolids and totally embrace it full on! The wonders of eye make up really show when you have small eyes;)

Connie said...

Plue: Ya meh? I didn't notice also. Mine also a bit weird. hehe. My left double lid is more prominent than my right.

Elizabeth: Kudos to you!

.: Ya Hui :. said...

ello there senorita Connie! thanks for featuring my humble little post. thanks very very much. do drop by more often okay? :D

PS: monolids are weird too. you see sometimes the things folds in by itself geh. is sibeh sibeh weird. -.-

Connie said...

Ya Hui: Welcome! I should thank you for posting. It has been very hard for me to explain to monolid girls how to apply makeup for themselves.

心。葵 @ plue said...

next time we meet, you look closer
then you will notice :P

Connie said...

Plue: I shall, I shall :p

Cathy said...

What is wrong with monolids? Monolids are unique and beautiful-I have monolids and there is nothing wrong with them at all!

I don't want to try to fake creases just because that's what Western culture defines as "beautiful."

Monolids are gorgeous, and I'm really offended by all these cosmetic surgery ads/attempts, the constant pressure from magazines depicting beautiful women with creased lids, these double-stickers, this fake make-up look.

Monolids are beautiful, and I wouldn't change mine for anything!!!!

Julie said...

I agree monolids are beautiful! very pretty make up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. :) got monolids, eyeliner doesn't show. but my lashes are actually rather long, compared a lot of other asians, not like super thick and gorgeously long, but not short, tho i got monos. I agree with Cathy that 'faking a crease' and stuff get annoying because it makes it seem like having monolids are bad. I like my mono eyes, it's just the morning eye puffiness and bags I have that i really don't like about my eyes. But whatever, they're fine. no need to be ashamed of monolids! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd buy the girl a more expensive dinner in the first dinner than the second. In the first, she looks stunning. It the second, she only looks attractive. ;). i preferr girls wearing make up to having their eyes mutilated. ;).

Anonymous said...

Cathy, I like your attitude. I wish my wife had met you before she had monolid surgery. I married her because I love her but truth is, I still wish she'd kept her eyes the same. I loved her eyes. i still love them but they are more ordinary now and less specaial.

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