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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Battle of the Priceys: Dior Vs RMK

Would you pay over RM100 for a tube of mascara? If you're going to, you ought to be 99.9% sure that it's gonna make your lashes look unbelievable. Spending so much on a product that should be discarded after 3 months of usage is still something that I can't justify especially when there are so many drugstore alternatives that work just as well or even better. So, having access to Diorshow Iconic and RMK Separate Curl, I thought, why not do a review with some comparison pictures?
Spoiler: I do like one of them but not enough to make me wanna buy it.

Read on for the reviews and comparison pictures.

Diorshow Iconic Mascara

"...extra lash-curling effect... precisely coat each lash... long, separated fan of lashes... lift, curl, and separate every lash..."

All very promising words. Hmm... Let's start from the brush. It's bulky and stiff, which makes applying mascara on teeny asian lashes painstakingly difficult and messy. I couldn't even get the bottom lashes. The mascara builds up a lot on the base but doesn't extend well to the top making only the roots of the lashes look thick but not the rest of the lashes. The brush bristles separates the lashes well but what's the point in having separated lashes if they're not looking any longer, thicker *winks* and curled? I even tried saving my left set of lashes with a better mascara but the Diorshow Iconic was too stubborn to be improved. The predecessors of the Diorshow mascara range were much better compared to this one especially the original waterproof Diorshow.

The verdict: even if I have the money to waste on such an expensive yet lousy mascara, I wouldn't.

RMK Separate Curl Mascara

"Ultimate Curl... waterproof mascara... combs every single lash... perfectly separated..."

Now I can finally cool down a little with this mascara. It does what it says. Isn't that nice? Keep in mind that I did not curl my lashes prior to applying the mascaras so this one really does lift and curls the lashes! Cool huh? Quite obviously, you can see that the lashes are lengthened and volumized (is that a word?). The brush may look big but it's actually quite easy to work with and I can successfully coat my bottom lashes with it as well. My gripe with this mascara, though, is that it clumps when you do too many coats and the tube dries up pretty quickly. I don't go by the 3-month rule so, having RM125 of a mascara gone in such a short period would be a big bummer.

The verdict: If I had the money I wouldn't mind getting this mascara since it works but it's definitely not something that I'd starve for! Besides, I still prefer my trusty Rimmel Glam' Eyes over this.


Jenn said...

I'm surprised to learn that the Diorshow mascara doesn't perform well!! The RMK one looks good though!!

Still, i'll never fork out more than RM50 for a mascara that's gonna goop up in 3 months or so... its just too expensive to justify buying that doesn't last long!! >.<

心。葵 @ plue said...

RMK looks good! But Dior, omg, it's so blah!

I think I shall stick to my dear MJ and Kiss Me for the perfect lashes! :P

Askmewhats said...

I don't dare fork out a lot for mascaras! You're right, it has the shortest life span! The only reason I gave in to my P&J pricey mascara because I wanted to get the luggage and I have to buy something! lol thanks for the review :)

Gwen said...

Thanks for reviewing Connie! I was on the verge of splurging my entire wallet for the dior iconic mascara, my friends highly rave them. >___>;; Thank god i have check your blog before i did anything vulgar. Being a Tech Junkie myself, i would only work out hundreds for gadgets ;)

Tine said...

I'm not a fan of the Iconic mascara either. The brush is too big for my liking. Reminds me of Covergirl's Lash Blast.

Connie said...

Jenn: I was pretty surprised too! I've heard good reviews about it but I guess it just didn't work for me :( I don't think I've ever spent more than 50 bucks on a mascara. Majolica Majorca's Lash Expander was the most expensive and I didn't even like it all that much :-/

Plue: The RMK one is not bad. MJ doesn't work for me la... dunno why :( Kiss Me too.

Nikki: P&J's packaging is so gorgeous though. *drools* I'm waiting for them to have this free gift bag with the picture of the spotted kitties..

Gwen: Hey, it may work for you! I'd suggest popping by the counter to try the mascara on bare lashes. see if it works :) But do keep in mind that there are a lot of great or better alternatives out there that are much cheaper.

Tine: Lol! kinda weird, but I was attracted to Lash Blast's orange tube. it's so funky! but no point if it doesn't work. I prefer small brushes too.

Jeng said...

The Dior iconic is such a disappointment :( and here I thought I would consider buying it LOL
thank you for reviewing it beforehand.

I've always used Diorshow waterproof mascara and up till now I can't find seem to find a replacement for it >>;
But nevertheless I don't mind forking out the money for Diorshow because it promises what it does x)

pinkyping said...

oh man, RMK sound so tempting but over RM100 for mascara is quite an heartache haha. usually i stick to Maybelline.

funkiimonkee said...

Thanks for the review! I was gonna buy Diorshow mascara as I heard it was great. Now I saved my money:)

Anonymous said...

i am using dior iconic tho...and it works great for me, i already have very thick eyel;ashes, so i want them lengthened and separated, so it works great for me, must better than any other drugstore ones! i'm already on to my 2nd repurchase!

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