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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Swatches: Everyday Minerals Blush

I started off with Waffle Cone and then I just kept wanting more and more and more. Lord help me, mineral blushers are addictive!

I picked up 3 more roomates for my Waffle Cone: Opening Day, Snuggle and Walkee Talkee. Gotta love the names!

What's next? Corner Office, New Car Smell, Girl's Day or perhaps All Smiles? Or all of em? Yes, I have a problem.

Click here to read the blush review including EDM foundation review.

Read on for the swatches and color descriptions with Connie's thoughts!

Opening Day:
"Dreamy pink color and tangerine undertones add sheer coverage to all complexions"

Although it looks like the darkest color in the swatch, when applied, the plum-ish shade is rather sheer. The shimmer is less visible compared to the other three shades but it's still a "Sheen" blush. This would go well with green eye makeup.

Walkee Talkee:
"Berry pink shade with a kiss of peach. It twinkles softly with fine flecks of silver, imparting a rosy sheen to light up your complexion. Compliments all colours of skin"

Out of the three new shades I've gotten, I love this one the most. It is quite pigmented so one should be light-handed with this blush. Very very little is needed for both cheeks. The color is just very warm and goes nicely with my skin tone. A great blush to pair with natural eye makeup looks.

"Radiant pink with a flattering peach undertone. It applies sheerly but can be layered on to give a cozy, luminescent glow that's great on any skin tone"

Don't you just love the name? So cozy! This is a very pretty color but I find that it would look better on someone with fairer complexion because the blush is rather pale. It doesn't look too natural on my skin tone but it should go well with blue looks.

Waffle Cone:
"A sweet treat for your cheeks, Waffle Cone has a sugary sparkle that warms your face with a soft brown sheen and mauve undertones"

Anyone who's getting an EDM blush must definitely have this in their collection. You can wear it alone for that movie star glow with a hint of rosiness or you can even apply it over a more pigmented blush for extra glimmer.


J said...

Snuggle looks really beautiful!! :) And i'll have to say that you're one of those lucky girls whose skin tone can carry off all colors!!

SlowBroGaL said...

Yeah!! Thanks Connie for reviewing EDM Blushes!!
I love Walkee-Talkee and Waffle Cone!!
Might get one soon..

Hinale said...

Yea, EDM blushers are very lovely. I started my EDM blush collection with 'apple'. Nice matte shade. Follwed by dvr saturday, photo album, all smile, coffee break (bronzer),all smile and walkee talkee. Feel like getting all the shades!
Will try waffle cone and snuggle next. Thx for the swatch connie. :p

Connie said...

J: You're fairer and I am so I think it'll look really pretty on you! I can't really take pink blush. -_- I look like some Japanese-doll wannabe

SlowBroGal: You're welcome! Hope you'll like the blush as much as I do

Hinale: I have this "thing" against matte blush dunno why but the colors so pretty I wanna try. lol. You're welcome! YES GET WAFFLE CONE! IT's such a great color and school-safe!

gio said...

Thanks for the swatches! Snuggle and Walkee Talkee look gorgeous!

Connie said...

Gio: You're welcome! I like Walkee Talkee a lot!

KayKamaL said...

im quite shy to trying new colors for blushers..been using the same ones for years nw..(i only hav like 2 colors..huhu)

Connie said...

Kay: I was like that too but different colors do give different effects.

Tine said...

Have you tried Sunday Brunch? That's my favouritest colour from EDM :D

Connie said...

Tine: Nope! But I'll keep that shade in mind for my next EDM blush order!

Caramel Geek said...

Just a quick question. I'm from Malaysia as well and I've just placed an order with Everyday Minerals. I'm
just wondering if you've ever had any problems with customs or additional
taxes when your package arrives?

And keep up the good work on your blog. =) Love reading it.

Anonymous said...

Wow you look SUPER FAB in both pics showing off the blushes! What color is the brighter pink LS you are wearing on the right? Is it Gaga? It's perfect and thanks for sharing!! ;)

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