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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Review: Stiletto Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner by Benefit

First matter of business:


Missing the Benefit Friends and Family sale totally bummed me out big time (even more so for the 2nd time! Aiyoh... Why so outdated, Connie?), but I was truly blessed when Plue offered me one of her Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liners in Stiletto.

So pretty, ain't she? She's not superficial either! She's a beauty with substance and just the thing that I need (Fine, "want").

You know you can't resist her either so read on for the review and swatch. Great things ahead!

"Benefit's creaseless cream eyeshadow/liners are guaranteed to make you gorgeous as they line, shade and contour your eyes. Blendable, beautiful...this do-it-all shadow lines, shades, and contours your eyes with a lovely crease-proof, smudge-proof formula. Mix & match...layer on for the desired depth...go as sheer or as dramatic as you like with buildable color. You'll love the glass jar...remember to close it tight to keep your cream shadow creamy & dreamy!"

First thing you'll need to know is that I use cream eyeshadows as a colored base for my powder eyeshadows so that the colors would stand out more and also stay put longer on the lids. I almost never use cream eyeshadows as a one-wash color just because I think that it'd look sloppy. But that's just me.

Stiletto (such a cute name!) is a rich medium plum shade with light silvery shimmers. On the website, they described the color as "Aubergine". This is such a perfect fall shade and FINALLY I found that cranberry shade that I've been looking for. And trust me, I've been looking! I paired it up with my NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eyeshadow in Penny (which I got in hopes of having a cranberry-colored shadow but it didn't turn out that way) and voila! Color perfection. This shade is also dark enough to be used as a cream eyeliner for a soft day look.

The cream is indeed very creamy and easy to apply. It's also a breeze to blend so if you do use it alone, it won't look too plastered. Eyeshadow holds on very well to the cream shadow, making them as vibrant as they can be. The staying power is very impressive! This marvel-in-a-jar truly holds up to its name. No creasing even after 10 hours! My eyeshadow may have faded a little but the Creaseless Shadow/Liner didn't.

Content wise, it's between a MAC Paint Pot and a MAC Fluidline.

I'm eyeing Skinny Jeans and Strut. Yowzers!

Retails at RM85 at Benefit Counters in Malaysia or USD19 at BenefitCosmetics.Com


Askmewhats said...

ohh no creasing for 10hours? that is HEAVEN to everybody! that's nice of Plue :) I believe you will get some more too!

Connie said...

I know! I'll definitely be getting more. If the price is right, that is. I'm only bummed that they don't have a very huge selection of colors. All are very neutral

Jenn said...

Thanks for the review Connie!! How does this compare to the MAC Paint Pot in terms of lasting power?

And awww.. isn't Plue such a darling! :)

jojoba said...

my fav. cream shadow and my fav, shade too! it's just a fabulous colour but too bad the price is not.

jojoba said...

ps: skinny jean is a fav too but it is very strange on me when photographed. not an easy colour like this. i am still eyeing on others.:)

Connie said...

Jenn: Welcome! Ehh... honestly, this one is definitely more crease-proof compared to the Paint Pot but both lasts just the same. I love Paint Pots for the variety of colors which Benefit lacks.

Jojoba: Yes! The price is scary >.< Oh, really? I've never swatched Skinny Jeans before but it looked promising since it's such a popular shade. I really hope that they'd have more hues like greens and blues.

心。葵 @ plue said...

strut and skinny jeans are very popular colours... i heard there's a few shades to be DC. i'm not sure if strut is a part of it.

my date's my brother is gonna be DC! Carte Blanche too! and towne car! argh~~~

Tine said...

Hmmmm the Stiletto's so pretty! Aiyah ...

Go get the Skinny Jeans. Me love :)

Connie said...

Plue: Lol. I'm not familiar with the shades yet. I just see from the site mostly neutral shades.

Tine: When I find a good deal on it, I will!

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