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Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Still Here

Ello peeps! HALF of my readers went missing since I haven't updated over the weekend. Come back! I'm getting back in action!

So, let me bore you with what I've been up to.

Thursday: Went shopping with Plue and Carmen and I bought loads of "essentials" and raided some cosmetic counters. Wahahahaha. I received my online purchases packages as well. I'll have a separate post for that eventful day.

Friday: I was working at the health fair in PWTC for a Natural/Organic skin care line

Saturday: I bought some stuff from the Natural/Organic skin care line

Sunday: I was working at RMK.

So you see, I do have a life besides beauty blogging although my life has everything to do with beauty blogging. Let's see what products will soon be reviewed (if they're worth reviewing, that is):

Thursday: Biore UV gel, Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer, Rimmel Lipstick, BabyBlue Lipstick (RM5 and worth the risk!), Benefit Cream Shadow/Liner in Stiletto (Thanks, Pluey!!), Chacott Loose Powder (Thanks X 2 Pluey!!)

Friday: Eczema. I've been wanting to do this forever and didn't cuz I couldn't find suitable info but I finally did!

Er... and loads more stuff to come. I gotta go. The cafe's closing. So, don't abandon me! Because I never did abandon you.


Askmewhats said...

I'm here! :) :) :) Glad you had a great time with Plue, I read her entry! Have a great week ahead!

心。葵 @ plue said...

enjoy the loose powder! i also need to review it too! :P

prettybeautiful said...

am still here too!

and wow, u really have a tight schedule

J said...

Welcome back!! Your schedule is really hectic ya!! Don't worry, i'll never leave you!! lol!!

I can't wait to read your upcoming posts! :)

gio said...

I'm here too :)

wow, you've been busy. Can't wait to read your upcoming postst!

KayKamaL said...

me here (raising hand while jumping up n down)

yivonne said...


Anonymous said...

which rmk outlet do you work at? i do buy occasional rmk stuffs, so might as well support you :)

yummy411 said...

we're here my sweets! that's the beauty of google reader ;)

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