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Sunday, November 30, 2008

FOTD: Polluted Rainbow

But still very colorful! The rainbow has been slightly smoked to make it more wearable. One of the perks of working at MUFE; I'm not restricted from any outrageous makeup looks! I was totally stoked that I could finally wear a rainbow look out loud and proud.
Colors courtesy of the 88-color palette.

Colors make me feel young so I had to strike the kiddo pose :p

Read on for description of items used and a not-so-childish picture. Up-close shots too.

Items Used:

Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie
RMK Liquid Foundation #104
e.l.f. Tone Correcting Concealer
Giorgio Armani Loose Powder
e.l.f. Healthy Glow Powder in Luminance
Everyday Minerals Blush in Snuggle
L'Oreal De Crease
88-Color Eyeshadow Palette (A lot of colors la. Lazy to list :p)
Origins Eyeshadow in Glistening Granite (da smoke)
MAC Eyeshadow in Ricepaper (highlight)
Coastalscents Gel Liner in Indigo Blue
Bloop Eyeliner Pencil in Black
Rimmel Glam' Eyes Mascara
Prescriptives Eyebrow Powder
NYX Round Lipstick in Pumpkin Pie
Origins Once Upon a Shine Lip Gloss in Sheer Ruby


Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

P.S. I read on your sidebar that you're eyeing the EDM Baby Kabuki brush. I happen to have one (I have 2!), still brand new and all, but I've washed it with M.A.C. Brush Cleanser after I've gotten it.

Want it? ;)

Connie said...

let me know how much u wanna let it go for :)

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

For a fellow beauty blogger (Who actually inspired me to write one myself), free ;) Since I don't use it nor have the use for it anymore.

Askmewhats said...

That is a pretty look :) :) :) I really wish I live in Malaysia and give you a visit at the counter :) that would be FUN!

Connie said...

Stephanie: Aiyo, thanks so much but I don't feel right taking it for free. Just email me the figure :)

Nikki: Thanks! When you come over to M'sia we'll go raid the beauty counters :D

Emily said...

halo! thanks for ur reply! do u know where i can buy EDM flat top brush? :D

Connie said...

Emily: Welcome! I got mine through a pre order but the seller has two ready stocks at the moment.
Oh, and if you don't think that you'd be comfortable with the flat top brush as a blush brush, you can also get the long handled kabuki. It's less dense and would be easier to use.

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Connie you can just pay me postage then... if we can meet up for you to collect the brush would also be good ;)

Emily, you can get it from :D

KayKamaL said...

ill try dat as soon as my school workload lightens..sighs..

btw, having basketball,futsal n netball match next week (interbatch college game only)..pray us luck!huhu~

Connie said...

Stephanie: I'm totally swapped these few weeks with schoolwork so I won't be free to meet up. E-mail me your Acc number k? Thanks

Kay: If I'm up to it, I might even do a tutorial for you :p
wahhh.. so many matches! you must be really fit then! *feels disgusted with own flabs* Good luck!

Jenn said...

Connie!! This is such a colorful look!!! It's simply beautiful!! Love the way you blended the colors in!! :D

KayKamaL: You play Futsal?!! Girl, you rock!! :D i can't kick a ball to save my life!! The last time i did, i scraped my knees so bad that i never want to kick another damn ball again!! >.<

prettybeautiful said...

so pretty and cheerful! :D

eye-candy for monday blues

Tine said...

Y'know, the eye colour really pops with your rainbow eye makeup :D

心。葵 @ plue said...


you can get the flat top from

they are speedy in delivery! :)

connie, ur pretty darling~ come come, we go hang kai some time soon!

Connie said...

Jenn: Thanks!! :D I love blending many colors. Such a challenge but very fun!

Pretty: Glad it cheered you up!

Tine: Hehe. Thanks!

KayKamaL said...

owhs~*squeaks* tutorials~ yeay!

im fit but also fat! hate em w u..ahaha!~

Emily said...

Thanks for ur reply evyone! :D

gio said...

that is a gorgeous look, so colorful! Love the blending as well.

Connie said...

Kay: But not so soon la. I have loads of schoolwork to catch up. ick!

Emily: :)

Gio: Thanks!

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