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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do Glasses Make Me Look Smarter?

Yep! I wear glasses! I'm not bat-blind or anything. I just have a mediocre case of myopia (near-sightedness) and astigmatism which requires me to wear glasses if I wanna look at words. One should never allow me to drive in an unknown area at night without my glasses because I won't be able to make out the road signs which will result in me driving in circles for hours.
"But you wear contacts." -- Yes, I do. However, due to toric lenses being so expensive and astigmatism is a bigger issue for me, my contacts are powerless. They're just for cosmetic purposes.

I was sent a really peculiar-looking pair of glasses to review called Pinhole glasses. Pinhole glasses have specifically formed holes on the lenses that allows only direct and coherent light to pass through into the eye. Bottom line, the glasses help to correct the problem caused by vision impairments. The effect is immediate and the product claims that with long term usage, vision can also be improved.

I was rather skeptical about such claims at first but after experiencing these glasses for myself, I was quite surprised!

Read on to learn more

Let me first educate you on what my vision impairments are. Info taken from Pinhole-Glasses.Com because I wouldn't know what it does to my vision. I only know that I can't see well.
Myopia (Near-sightedness): a refractive eye disorder that affects our eyes' long distance vision. People with myopia have no difficulty focusing their eyes on close-up objects, but have varying degrees of difficulty focusing on more distant objects. It often first appears during childhood and gradually worsens with age - this is known as myopic creep. Pinhole glasses offer instant relief as the 'stopped down' aperture produces a greater focal range. Combined with the 'narrower than normal' beam of light entering the eye, pinhole glasses reduce the the blur circle on the retina, so enabling the eyes to see more clearly.

a refractive eye disorder caused by a misshapen cornea at the front of the eye. The resultant image processed by the brain is blurred, the degree of blur determined by the distance between the two points on the retina. The closer the points are the less blurred the image appears. Pinhole glasses reduce the blur of astigmatism by limiting the distance between the two points of light on the retina, thus helping sufferers to see more clearly.

These glasses also help hyperopia (long-sightedness), presbyopia, computer vision syndrome and cataracts.

Click here for more info on how the glasses work

My first impression on these are that the design was looking a little, shall we say, retro? Not the most stylish glasses around but they fit well and don't hurt my head nor do they cause any nausea (you know how you get that with some glasses and sunnies?).

I actually CAN see better with these glasses on, can you believe it? I did some tests, multiple times and I could actually read words that are small and far away that I couldn't see without my glasses on. We can now put a check on the instant-relief claim!

The glasses still need some getting used to because looking through the holes can be somewhat irritating at times especially while watching TV but for reading and walking around it's okay. These glasses cannot be used for driving and other motion tasks because the glasses restrict peripheral vision. They can't be used as sunnies either although they look very much so like sunnies.

According to my eye test results, there has been no decrease in the power. No increase either so that's a good thing! I still don't have "perfect" vision yet because I'm lazy to wear glasses but I find that I can focus on words better than before. Imagine my amazement when I could actually take notes in class without my glasses!

With time and diligence, I do believe that these pinhole glasses will work. The price isn't too bad either at USD14.99 (10 bucks each if you buy 3 pairs!). Cheaper than prescription glasses anyway so they're definitely worth the try.


Askmewhats said...

ohh i've seen these glasses getting famous!!! I can't believe it actually works :) And I was quite surprised you wear glasses, you look good with glasses, NOT nerdy :)

J said...

I saw these selling at Watsons before!! I'm also quite skeptical that it'll work... but it does ya!!

BTW you look quite cute with glasses leh! :D

Connie said...

Nikki: I wish I'd wear them more often though. I don't really like wearing glasses to begin with. Lol! Thanks! But I am somewhat nerdy :p

J: The Watsons one is a different brand la. It felt slightly different but should be the same thing gua.

Hee hee. thanks. I found those glasses at a lecture hall and surprisingly it was right for me :-/

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Hmm... pinhole glasses used to be really "hot" quite some time ago, like a few years back. But I also read quite some time ago that optometrists and opticians have debunked pinhole glasses helping to improve eyesight. Similarly, my optometrist and friends who are studying the field also says that it's more of a placebo effect rather than real help.

I actually have very high short-sightedness, about 6.xx each eye (That makes me as blind as a bat without glasses). But the thing is, despite an increase in computer screen staring and TV watching and cinema going, it hasn't increased in 4 years ;) So I guess there's a latency stage here somewhere.

yummy411 said...

wowzers and absolutely wonderful review!!! love the pic with you in the glasses LOL!

prettybeautiful said...

i have seen this in guardian but i was skeptical. i have a lazy eye to treat! my right eye vision is perfect but my left eye is 350 blind! gosh

Connie said...

Stephanie: Thanks for your comprehensive input :)

Kia: I was being cute with my glasses :p

Pretty: My eyes have different powers too. At least your lazy eye doesn't droop though.

Evon said...

soo effffin ute..welcome to the "sei ngan" gang!

Connie said...

Lol! I memang sei ngan since long long time ago. Just refuse to wear specs >.<

Jamilla Camel said...

Connie, I am so glad that you a promoting natural eye makeup for Asian eyes. I hate the whole Manga/Circle Lens thing. Falsies are OK, but us Corporate folks really can't wear them in conservative professions (I am chartered accountant and BPO consultant). So I am glad that you are promoting making the best of our natural features.


Connie said...

Jamilla: Hehe, those lenses are starting to grow on me since they look good with certain eye makeup (eg. smokey eyes look nicer with lighter eyes). But I don't wear them regularly. But you're right that sometimes those lenses can be inappropriate for work. Too distracting. Keeping it to a minimum is best for work.

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