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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Biore UV Daily Care Gel SPF 25 PA++

A super lightweight sun screen is very important to me when I'm wearing makeup because the last thing I need is to feel all the gunk on my face before I can even start with my foundation! I don't really "believe" in moisturizers with "built-in" sun protectors either. I would sometimes (fine, most of the time) avoid putting sun screen when I plan on wearing foundation so that my skin doesn't get oily too quickly as well. Bad move -- I know! That was until I found the perfect sunscreen for the job: RMK Face Protector N SPF31. But it HAD to be a 100 bucks for a measly tube. Sheesh!

So, you could guess my excitement when I tested out Biore UV Daily Care Gel SPF 25 PA++ and felt, well, nothing! That's the whole point! I got quite excited that I've finally found such a lightweight sunscreen and for a quarter of RMK's price.

Read on to find out what I think about this sunscreen!

Let's see what the package says, shall we?

Biore UV Daily Care Gel SPF 25 PA++ (for face and body), effectively protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB sunlight with this fresh gel that eliminates dull skin, wrinkles and dark spots, leaving a light and non-sticky feeling.

Fast Drying Gel: Fresh translucent gel is light and spreads easily on skin. Dries quickly and does not leave and uncomfortable feeling.

Feels Smooth & Refreshing: Formulated with a moisturizing agent of Aloe Vera extract to keep skin feeling moisturized and protected from dryness caused by sunshine or air-conditioning.

This sun screen is definitely true to its description. Once the white gel is spread on the skin, it becomes transparent very quickly and practically feels like nothing at all except for a gentle cooling sensation. The sunscreen left no stickly feeling or even white casts that many sun screens usually would. This is definitely an ideal sunscreen for makeup wearers or peeps with really oily skin or just very afraid of oiliness and stickiness.

See? Can't see? Exactly! No shine, no white casts, no oiliness, no stickiness, nothing!

Seems too perfect? Well, it's not. My impulsive buying habit made me neglect checking the ingredients. When I got home, I finally did and guess what? The sunscreen is ALCOHOL-based. The first ingredient on the list is ALCOHOL. Water comes in second. No wonder my skin burns slightly and my eyes feel stingy when I use the sunscreen.... The alcohol scent has been becoming more and more unbearable with each usage. They just HAD to ruin such a neat product by putting in so much alcohol.

I love how light the sun screen is but is it worth the agony? I'd hate to put it to waste :( Now I apply only where I need it the most ie. nose and cheeks. Basically, I'm back to avoiding putting on sun screen.

The bottle isn't the most handly one around probably because I prefer slimmer tubed sun screen. It has a content of 140ml.

Available at major supermarkets and health care stores for RM29.90 or cheaper if there are discounts.


Chian Li said...

I had that last time. The alcohol scent was so strong so I only use it on my body. It was a little drying to me too. I had to use a body lotion before that.

yummy411 said...

hmmmm not spf 40 like the sunscreen i'm using now, but i do love that there's not a trace of it once applied!

Connie said...

Chian Li: I hardly ever use stuff on my body :p *sighs* now I need to look for another light sunscreen. When I'm not too broke

Kia: They have another formula called "milk", which I should've gotten instead of this but I was too intrigued by the no-trace thingy, that has SPF50

心。葵 @ plue said...

too bad it didn't work on you :(

dun go sting your nose with the alcohol smell!

J said...

I have the SPF50 one... but that didn't work for me - it gave me bumps!! >.<

But i really love how lightweight it is!! Too bad though... sticking with my goopy Loreal one. At least that one doesn't break me out!

Connie said...

Plue: I like it very much but cannot tahan la the alcohol... you didn't tell me also I didn't pay attention. Lol.

J: Awh, that sucks! Who knew looking for a good sunscreen can be so challenging?! I never really paid much attention to it before.

KayKamaL said...

i thk i may b a candidate 4 skin cancer if i cntinue my no-sunscreen habit..i bask in d sun too much n never tan or get darker thn my ori skin,im taking 4 granted...huhu~bad habit!~

Connie said...

Kay: Start applying la. Don't wait until old and saggy only apply then protection too late lor. I'm not worried about getting darker. I'm more concerned about pigmentation and wrinkles.

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

I've tested a few of Biore's sunscreens- UV Perfect Face Milk (If I'm not mistaken) and the one you reviewed, tested Vichy's and Eau Thermale Avene's too. Biore's sunscreens texture are all really light and nice compared to the others I tested, but they all had alcohol in it. And since I have sensitive skin (And doesn't react too kindly to having alcohol on it) I had to give it a miss.

I ended up getting Dermalogica's Super Sensitive Sunblock SPF30 instead. Pricey (Although I got it for a cheaper-than-retail price), but the texture is the same without the alcoholic stinging smell and kind on my very sensitive skin.

Connie said...

Glad you found a sunscreen that works for you :)

SlowBroGaL said...

The best sunblock I've tried so far is SunKiller Powder Milk. It goes just nice on your face that it won't go oily throughout the day and the staying power is so strong that I use it to the beach for hours I don't get sunburn like my other friends. I got it from Singapore. If I'm not mistaken SunKiller is almost like Sunplay. You may try it. Or maybe Fancl Sunblock.

Elizabeth said...

I *heart* Biore UV Face Milk. I don't have sensitive skin and it works well to control the oil on my t-zone. A tube goes a long way-I used mine everyday for half a year.

Connie said...

SlowBroGal: Hmm.. I've never heard of SunKiller. Sunplay I've come across but yet to try. Thanks for the recommendations!

Elizabeth: ahh... which means I have to try the Biore Milk! Now I'm using the gel on my neck. Cannot tahan it on my face!

SlowBroGaL said...

SunKiller is another brand you can't get in Malaysia. But it's highly raved in Singapore's forum. ^^

Connie said...

SlowBroGal: S'pore has a lot of things that we don't have >.>

心。葵 @ plue said...

if it's the Kiss Me brand of Sunkiller, you can get it in Malaysia's SASA.

I saw them in MV. Hehe~

SlowBroGaL said...

Yeah...Is Kiss Me brand!!
Wow, Plue's really good in catching up items in SASA. ^^

Tine said...

I have the same one, but I really wouldn't recommend this to be used on the face (far too drying). I use it on my arms and legs on a hot day, and welcome the cooling sensation :)

Connie said...

Plue: Stalker...

SlowBroGal: Ya ma.. she stalker :p

Tine: Mmhmm.. now I'm just using it on my neck and very very little on my face. *sighs*

心。葵 @ plue said...

aper stalker... :P

this is to share info with everyone


kahani said...

Hi Connie, how about a brush-on sunscreen? PureLuxe has one I believe. No issues with oil there!

Jo said...

I am looking for a lightweight sunscreen too. Does the RMK face protector contain any alcohol?

RZ said...

hey gals, Biore mentioned that this daily care gel is for body use
only as it contains high alcohol content. It's
not suitable for face use!!

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