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Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Addiction: NYX Round Lipstick Review and Swatches

You know how some people are either a "Lipstick person" or a "Lipgloss person"? And then there are young girls who think that lipsticks are for "matured" ladies and on the other hand, grown women would detest "those sticky lipglosses" claiming that they're "too old" for lipglosses...

So, I've always been a Lipgloss Person and I practically have no lipstick collections. And then it finally started with NYX Round Lipstick in Circe. Man, did I fall hard! One lipstick grew to three and I've just placed an order for another two. And the fact that they're only 2 Dollars (USD) make them truly collectable :D And I regret so much that I didn't stock up back when they were only 99 cents! I was young, naive and stupid back then *sighs*

Are you a Lipstick Person or a Lipgloss Person?

Read on to find out why these lipsticks are so addictive and of course, to view the swatches.

Why are NYX Round Lipsticks so great compared to other lipsticks? Firstly, they are super creamy and feels like lip balm. I hate how some lipsticks are so dry and they chap my already-dried-lips even more but these lipsticks definitely don't do that! Although the lipsticks are scented, they don't smell bad unlike some lipsticks that have the typical plasticine-like lipstick smell *ugh!*. The staying power is quite applaudable although they're not like "Kiss-proof, waterproof, toranado-proof". Basically, I don't have to touch up unless I've eaten or something. The selection of colors is HUGE! And I mean HUGE! One hundred and forty two shades. 142! Okay, I'm done being over-excited. I always have a hard time choosing the colors because I never know which one to get.

Packaging wise, I think it looks really nice. Not as boring as the traditional type of lipstick tube but not too modern like those super slim tubes either. The black tube looks presentable and not messy. I like that they have a little transparent cap at the bottom which contains actual lipstick so that's they actual color of the lipstick. I haven't figured out how to pry open the bottom cap yet.

Let's talk about the shades that I currently have, shall we?

Circe: If you're looking for a nude lipstick. This is it. It's the kind of nude cream color that doesn't make you look washed out. The color is flat with no shimmers or any satin finishes in it.
I love this shade the most out of the three. This is a great shade to go with dark or smokey eyes.

Pumpkin: Looks like carrot juice with milk and a hint of reddish pink satin sheen. This coral shade made me look horrendous. I'm truly not suited for orangey lip colors. BUT I found a way to make the color more wearable for me :D I topped it off with a sheer ruby lip gloss that looks too red on my lips. So, I found a purpose for both products!
This would go great with blue eye makeup or even natural looks. And it should look better on fairer complexions.

Cream: A reddish brown with a silver satin sheen. This shade should never be worn if you have no eye makeup on. Regardless of whether you're fair or tanned. The silver sheen makes the lips look sickly and completely dulls down the entire face. Thankfully, this shade is able to reveal its gorgeousness when it's chapperoned by a strong eye makeup. This shade would go well with deeper neutral looks. Or even green.

Available at and


naeus! said...

hi, you seem to always get great makeup to try but its rather often from brands that are not available in malaysia! share your secrets with us hahah this post makes me want one of them super-creamy lipsticks too! where did you get them?? XD

Jenn said...

The lippies look GREAT!!! Girl you're one evil enabler! :P I. MUST. RESIST!!!!

I'm still a lipgloss person!! Though nowadays i use lipstick too!! I didn't own any lipstick until a year or two ago!! :P

BTW, i see that you have striked off the UDPP!! Have you received it?? Please do a review when you have ya!! :D

SlowBroGaL said...

I cannot deny that NYX Round Lipstick in Circe is excellent as a nude lipstick.
But I do like the other colours you have too.
Man, you tempted me to get another one. =)

Connie said...

naeus: "Not available in Malaysia" doesn't mean "Not available to Malaysians". right? :p We must keep up with the advancement of online shopping! It wouldn't be right to miss out on all the great products out there in the world that we cannot experience just because we're in Malaysia. Actually, I've been kinda bored of locally available products. They are quite limited in shades and the prices tend to be more expensive. If I can get exactly what I want at a better value although having to wait, why not?
He runs a lot of US sprees. you can e-mail him :)

Oh! And I found out that you can get NYX in malaysia if you know friends in Head to Toe beauty academy. BUT one lipstick is 50-60 bucks! See how much they've hiked up! And we're getting it for less than 20 bucks even though we're paying for shipping and all that.

Jenn: But NYX lipstick worth trying lor... cheap ma :p YES! I've paid for my UDPP but it hasn't arrived yet. soon I think. I hardly keep track of my orders. not a good thing!

SlowBroGal: What color you wanna get next? :p

Emily Lin said...

I've got Honey instead of Circe cuz it was oos when I placed the order :( and I didn't notice the sgreadystock *sigh
But I guess Honey is very similar to Circe, according to some bloggers/youtubers. I need to apply it carefully so that it wouldn't look washed out on me:(

心。葵 @ plue said...

try avon lippies if u want darker shades, they don't have much pale shades though >_<

they are creamy and just so lovely!!! ah!

i now wan nyx circe, cream n pumpkin pie! looks good! but i wonder would it be too nude for me? >_<

KayKamaL said...

ouh..ouh..circe is such a must have!! tx connie!

naeus! said...

yah, i agree, the products in malaysia are rather pricey and the quality don't usually live up to the price! thanks soooo much! i emailed him already XD can't wait! this opened up a whole new world of makeup for me =)

prettybeautiful said...

i have been a lipgloss person all my life...but i like the rimmel lipstick tho. cheap and nice! and i js bought another 1

Connie said...

Emily: nvm.. still got chance to order. Honey has like a satin finish, doesn't it? I've seen swatches before but can't really remember. If you look washed out, try adding a colored gloss :)

Plue: Dark shades look weird on me la dunno why. Oooh! Sasa lipstick very nice leh! I'll be reviewing soon. You use nude colors or not? if not, better stick to neutral shades.

Kay: I should be sorry. Poison you buy more :p

Connie said...

naeus: Welcome to the world of online makeup shopping! It will make you very very broke :p But happy!

Pretty: I got myself a rimmer lipstick too. I'm eyeing two more shades. keh keh.

心。葵 @ plue said...

i dun have nude shades i think... mostly neutrals :)

i do like to try out one or two nude shades though, and see if i can use them or not :P

i'm a little bored with red lips or pink lips

Connie said...

The lipstick cheap then worth trying la. most lipsticks will look too red on me

Emily Lin said...

Yea it has a satin finish to it. I need to be light-handed if not my lips will be like shimmery nude lol. circe is kind of matte, isn't it? oh ya I saw u at MUFE on sunday but didn't manage to say hi ;p was rushing to the cinema hehe. u looked great btw!

Connie said...

Emily Lin: Yep! Satin finishes can be quite tricky at times! Oh! really? Hope I wasn't doing anything embarrassing <.<

Asa said...

WOW these swatches were so helpful, thanks!!!! I'm gonna get CIRCLE.

Joanne said...

Is NYX avaliable in any part of Malaysia?
If not,where can i get them? and could you let me know the price range,roughly?
Thanks heaps! :)

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