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Friday, October 10, 2008

New Drugstore Favourite: Rimmel Glam' Eyes Mascara

When I spotted Rimmel at Watsons, I was in utter shock. There were no news whatsoever. To fulfill my urge of buying something and since it was time for a new mascara (my Maybelline Volum' Express has already dried up), I picked up Rimmel Glam' Eyes Mascara in Black.

I came across this mascara quite some time back on Makeup For Life. Since Phyllis too has short Asian Lashes, I deem her reviews to be quite credible. There were several occasions where I wanted to get this mascara from sprees but they either came up to be overpriced or out of stock.
"Seductive Volume. Turn heads. New VolumFlex Brush styles lashes for sensational volume and instant separation. Ultra supple elasto-bristles groom each lash, lacquering them from root to tip for a spectacular 7 x more lash intensity. Big Lash Seduction. High Definition. Maximum lash impact. Impeccable definition. Smoothing formula glides through lashes, wrapping each one for ultimate volume yet perfect separation. Lashes look dramatically amplified yet sleekly defined - even up close and personal" --

Read on to learn more about my new favorite pharmacy mascara and view comparison photos.

The tube is uber sexy black and pink with fishnet stocking imprints. A wonderful differentiation from their usual dull packaging of most Rimmel products.

Flexible brushes are all the rage in mascara innovation. Even the sucky L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara has one. However, I've never come across any that is as flexible as Glam' Eyes'. It's so flexible that the straight brush actually curves according to the arch of your lashes as you use it. The downside of such a flexible brush would be that you'll have to be very careful when sticking the wand back into the tube. The brush may just miss and bounce off the rim.
"VolumFlex brush comes with extra supple, ultra-fine elasto-bristles with 2 short sides for lash building and 2 longer sides for flawless separation for up to 10 times lash intensity."

The brush is small and slim enough to coat hard to reach lashes and bottom lashes without making a big mess. The many spiky bristles coats and seperates every single lash so that lashes look fuller and thicker.
The first coat volumizes the lashes. Add another coat and lashes are gradually lengthened and curled. When used with a lash curler (Sidenote: I finally got my RMK curler!), the curl holds up reasonably well.

I usually like a lot of coats with my mascara but my lashes can only take 3 coats max of this mascara. The 4th coat becomes clumpy and flakey. Nevertheless, 3 coats is really all I need. I'm just greedy.
No smudges or melting so it's definitely sweatproof. This is also one of the easier mascaras to remove and almost no fallout.

I'm totally in love with this mascara and it's one that I'll definitely repurchase. The price is also very reasonable at RM32.90 (after 15% discount it was only RM27.90). Available from selected major Watsons Pharmacies.

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心。葵 said...

ah! fantastic! i need volume right now. i dun care bout length dy :P

loving ur eyes~ can't wait to see you! ^_^

how's the rmk? review it! :P

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Lovely! I might give this a try to replace the L'Oreal Telescopic mascara :P I love the brush but not the formula.

Connie said...

Plue: good luck with the shopping!
Ya. Have to arrange a time soon.

RMK curler? will definitely review it but I still have loads of outstanding posts that I need to get up.

Stephanie: Same here. The brush is great but the formula not quite so maybe Glam' Eyes would be what you're hoping for in a mascara :)

Tine said...

This didn't volumise my lashes much, but I still like it 'cos it made my lashes clump free. And yep, the packaging sure is sexy :p

vss3t said...

hi connie! rimmel does impress me this time. not so much on the volume, but the length is just right for daily office use. the cons of it is it smudges way tooo easily on my oily lids, and needs some practices to get a hand of it. there you go girls, my view on this mascara.

the girl with the shortest asian lashes ever!!! >6mm lenght.

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