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Thursday, October 23, 2008

How To: Apply Mineral Foundation

Eh... that's a pretty straight forward title?

So, I've started to use mineral foundation quite often ever since I've tried Everyday Minerals' foundation. I use their fantastic flat top brush as well which makes it so easy to buff on the foundation. For additional glow (you know I'm all about the glow), I mix the foundation with my crushed e.l.f. Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance.
If I'm doing this at home, I'd use my "mineral dish" but if I'm traveling, I'd just use the lid of the Luminance's sifter jar.

Hope you find this tutorial helpful!

Read on for the tutorial and some tips.

First, apply your makeup base so that the foundation has something to grip on. However, if your base is very moist or sticky, allow it to dry a little before you apply the foundation to avoid the foundation looking blotchy. Next, apply concealer wherever you need coverage. I'm using concealer beneath the foundation because my concealer is liquid. Liquid should not go above powder or it'll just cake up.

Using a spatula, scoop out your desired amount of foundation into the dish/bowl/jar lid. Now, add a 1/4 teaspoon (fine, spatula) of Luminance. Then, dip in the brush and swirl it. To get more powder on the brush, you can try tapping the handle on the table, vertically, then swirling again. I usually re-swirl after I apply the first layer.
You can also use mineral foundation wet simply by giving the brush dipped in foundation one or two sprays of water/mist/Fix+/homemade Fix+. Keep in mind that you may tend to use more foundation and the color may change.

Buff on the foundation in circular motions all over the face. I start with the cheeks since there's where I usually have most foundation on and then my nose and chin. Finally, I do my forehead because that's my problem area and I don't want so much foundation on it. The flat top should be flat on the skin so you don't need to be too rough. It doesn't matter in which direction you buff either -- clockwise, anticlockwise.

Done with the foundation! I'm starting to hate pictures without flash. They accentuate flaws that aren't all too obvious when seen with the naked eye.


Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Aww I absolutely love EDM's brushes :D

Tine said...

Good tutorial! When I was using mineral foundation, I used to either apply from my "soy sauce dish" or the lid of the huge EDM jar I ordered extra with other purchases :p

Askmewhats said...

I love the FT brush!!!! and I apply my MMU foundation with the lid of the MMU too!

Connie said...

stephanie: I haven't tried their other brushes but I'm quite interested in the eye kabuki! So cute but i wonder if it'd be too big for me teeny eyes >.<

Tine: Thanks :) Soy sauce dish! that's pretty clever. when I first started off I used an empty false lashes box since I wasn't too good with controlling the amount I wanna use back then. that way, I could keep the remaining for future use.

Nikki: I usually buy mineral foundations in sample sizes so the lids are too small for me >.< And I don't like transferring little jar products into big jars. Make the tiny bit of powder in there look so pitiful :p My friend was kind enough to donate a sifter jar to me that finally came in handy when my healthy glow powder shattered.

prettybeautiful said...

nice one. i usually just use from the sifter. lol. its always very messy. i am lazy and always in a rush i the morning... hehe

Dor said...

The size of the eye kabuki brush will be almost the same size as your Coastscent Doe foot stippler. Talking about mineral foundation changing color, when I try to apply my mineral foundation wet, it make my face darker...super ugly! Like as if the powder just oxidize.

Connie said...

pretty: I'm so used to putting foundation so this is quite quick for a change

dor: Thanks for the comparison! oooh... then I suppose it'd be quite big if I'm gonna use it in my crease. hmm... yeah! That's why I don't bother to use MMU wet. Too troublesome to find an exact match. I'd rather use actual liquid foundation

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