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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Look: Rainforest? I Have No Clue

I was initially inspired by a tarantula that I once had which was a Green Bottle Blue Tarantula and I liked the idea of spider webs. But I got sloppy and ignored color accuracy that I think that part of the look turned out to be quite messy. On the other side I just wanted to play with greens and a fishnet stocking (as seen in many YouTube videos) so I didn't really pay much attention to the look but I think that side turned out much better! I could easily do like a reptilian effect with that. Don't you love it when you unintentionally discover something neat?
If I'm in the mood, I may just retry the green reptile look or I may just think of something else to do. But I'm looking for non-cliche stuff eg. Vampire, Pin-Up, Fairy, Frankenstein

Which side do you prefer? Any other suggestions for Halloween makeup?
We don't celebrate Halloween though. Just doing this for fun.
Read on for close-up pictures.


心。葵 said...

OMG! you look GORGEOUS!

so different!

loving the lips! :D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

But I'm going a pinup........a zombie pinup. =D

Also, the rainforest. Like it better than the other one.

gio said...

I love this, it's gorgeous and so creative! I prefer the green side too.

I love that lip color, I wish I could pull it off!

Tine said...

Great job on the Halloween look! I'm really digging both looks ;)

Hayley said...

thats a very daring look Connie!!
i m sure with this loook, u'll stand out among the rest.. ;p

Askmewhats said...

Very creative! I like both sides :) sorry it's so hard to choose!

prettybeautiful said...

prefer the fishnet side. and i had a shock when i looked at the pics O_O u look so different!

Connie said...

Plue: Lol! thanks. I actually use eyeliners on the lips because I don't have any lippies in that color.

TCDM: wooo... sexy! Pinup from the dead. lol

Tine: Thanks, deary :)

hayley: Not that I'm gonna wear it out! Just having some fun. Lol. No party to go to also.

Nikki: Thanks! :) I'm still thinking what else I can do.

Pretty: lol. I like the fishnet side. i like the effect. haha.

Connie said...

I missed out Gio! Sorry! Thanks!! :D

Lily said...

i love both sides, but i love the stockings side even more! you should do a tutorial on how to do this. it's really cute!

Connie said...

Lily: Thanks! :) I think I'll do a tutorial while I recreate the look and elaborate it more. I've been so discouraged to do FOTDs and tutorials lately because my skin's acting up and my forehead looks hideous. :(

lelaelena said...

That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

It's just making me dream brand new makeup brush dreams.

Connie said...

Lelaelena: Thanks so much! Lol! I think I've had those dreams before.

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