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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Falling for Everyday Minerals

Finally! I found a mineral face makeup line that I really like! After all the disheartening experiences with other brands of mineral foundation... Thank goodness I decided to keep looking for a mineral makeup line that would work well for my dry skin. That's when I've decided to give Everyday Minerals a try aided by encouragement from all the raves that it has gotten.

For my little Everyday Minerals haul through a spree by Shenay, I picked up the Original Glo Foundation in Olive-Golden Medium, a blush in Waffle Cone and what's an Everyday Minerals haul without the ever famous Flat Top Brush? I got the Everyday Everywear Chamomile balm as well but that'd have a separate review. Hint: Not for Malaysian weather!

For my next EDM order, I'll definitely get more blush and some lippies!

Read on for the reviews and swatches!

Original Glo Foundation (Sample/USD2.50, Mini/USD5.00, Big/USD12.00)

The texture of the foundation powder is very smooth and is able to buffed evenly onto the skin. I don't know how to explain this but have you ever experienced powder foundation that doesn't seem to "adhere" to the skin? Thankfully, this foundation "adheres" to the skin so that the coverage can be easily built up from light to medium. The foundation doesn't look powdery or cakey at all on the skin which is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to foundation. I like cake on a plate, not my face! In fact, it gives a healthy subtle glow that I always seek for in my fondation. The staying power of the foundation was surprisingly, as good as liquid! But of course, I always use a makeup base underneath the powder foundation so that contols the oil secretion on my nose area, helping the foundation to last longer.

I understand how many people find it challenging to get a good match for their mineral foundation shades as I've had my fair share of overly tanned or fair foundations. Lucky me, I was rather spot on with the shade selection and didn't have to try out so many sample sizes before I could get the correct shade (Olive-Golden Meidum). The color did not dull down or oxidized into a tangy orange hue compared to some of the other mineral foundations that I've tried.

"Olive - Golden Medium is ideal for yellow and green undertones. It works especially well to give coverage for common problems faced by Olive-family users, such as visible blue veins and uneven pigmentation."

This stuff is potent with only a teeny half pearl-size needed for a light coverage on the whole face. It wouldn't be too soon that I'd need to upgrade my little sample jar to a full-sized one but it's definitely on my shopping list! I'd love to try the intensive formula next to build up more coverage. As for the O Glo, it's perfect for hot and humid school days.

There's also Semi-Matte, Matte and Intensive formula.

(Sample/USD2.50, Mini/USD4.00, Big/USD8.00)

This would be the first ever mineral blush that I've ever tried out. Prior to this, I've never really been too keen on using mineral blush because I thought that it would be too much hassle but I'm so glad I gave this a chance!

The shade I got was Waffle Cone (Sheen) and it's probably one of their most famous shades because I seem to see swatches and reviews of it everywhere! I had to get this shade, hadn't I? The the pinkish bronze color isn't too obvious but it certainly gives the cheeks a kickass glow (as seen here and here). Usually, I'd add a more pigmented blush on the apples of the cheeks to give it more flush. This blush gave me hope that I will soon find a substitute for my much-desired RMK Ingenious Cheeks in #25 Rose Pink. The girls on the EDM forum recommended Opening Day and Nick Nack. I like Walkee Talkee, Evening Out and New Car Smell too.

"A sweet treat for your cheeks, Waffle Cone has a sugary sparkle that warms your face with a soft brown sheen and mauve undertones. To top things off, Waffle Cone can also be used as a soft bronzer, a neutral lip color, or an all over eye color."

Staying power of the blush is just fine. I don't think I'll be getting a full size of this though because there are so many colors I wanna try out and you really only need very little blush.

Also available in Matte, Shimmer and Lucent formula.

Flat Top Brush (USD10.00)

THE MUST-HAVE in any first-time EDM orders. It doesn't even matter if you don't use mineral make-up. You need this brush. Why?

  1. It's so so incredibly soft. Hands down. Softest brush EVER!
  2. The density is just perfect for buffing mineral foundation or applying blush or bronzers or plain buffing out harsh lines
  3. Unlike many kabuki brushes and flat top brushes, the bristles doesn't "sink" on the skin which is the whole point of a flat top brush is so that the flat top is touching the skin. I hope you understand what I mean. The brush shouldn't be bending in on the skin instead *coughs* Coastalscents Deluxe Buffer Brush *coughs* This is a true flat top buffer brush that really buffs!
  4. Flawless application of mineral foundation. Easy to control so you won't get on too much foundation on a particular area.
  5. The bristles pick up AND keeps powder effectively so you don't have to keep on dipping into your powder because it's flying away before you can even get it on your skin.
  6. Comfortable to grip. It's not too long or too short while it fits perfectly into my cosmetic case making it very portable. It's be greater if it had a case though!
  7. The synthetic bristles are so so fine like baby's hair and yet they don't shed nor do they bleed.
  8. The brush itself looks classy with a glossy bamboo handle and a shiny nickle ferrule.
Eight reasons enough?


Tine said...

Love love LOVE the flat-top brush. That's their best brush, methinks.

Connie said...

I've never tried their other brushed but I've heard that the flat top's the best! So, do you have every single EDM brush in your collection yet, Tine? ;)

mayaari said...

waffle cone is a lovely blush, and nick nack is a soft matte pink :) daydream and email me are also good matte blushes for everyday looks

@DdY said...

can the brush be used for liquid foundation or stippling?how's the result?

Askmewhats said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Flat top brush from EDM too!!!! :)

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