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Monday, September 29, 2008

RMK Weekend With Tatsuya and Hideki

Despite having complained so much about how tired I was from work, the past weekend was definitely a rewarding one because RMK had invited two makeup-artists from RMK Japan that have even been trained by the creative director, Rumiko, herself. Tatsuya Kaneko and Hideki Tanaka are two of the most patient and not to mention, proactive makeup-artists that I've ever met and I've definitely learned quite a lot about makeup, RMK products and how to serve customers better, from them over the weekend. I was also very pleased to have met Yokie, one of the interpreters, for we had quite a lot to chat about to make the time pass easier and also for becoming my walking buddy to the monorail station after work.

I've picked up quite a number of tips and techniques on make-up application from Tatsuya and Hideki which I will share in a future post. Please check back for them. All tips have been tried and tested by yours truly.

A little bit about Tatsuya and Hideki from a personal point of view...

L: Tatsuya Kaneko, R: Hideki Tanaka

Read on to find out more!

Tatsuya is very caring person. His pictures really doesn't do his bubbly character any justice since he gets excited quite easily and usually with big reactions to match. Over his travels, he picked up several words in different languages and he'd record it in his little black book with the pronounciations. During lunch, he was asking us for the meaning of the words that he has picked up including "Wahlaueh" which was quite a challenge for us to explain to him! He sings as he walks (flamboyantly if I may add) and his accessories never seem to match: think ankle-high leather boots, shimmery belt, plastic watch and pink rubber wrist band. He also had a habit of topping up other people's mascara every 10 minutes. "More! More!"

RMK Style Makeup by Tatsuya. He trimmed my brows too. Yay! Great timing. (Excuse the washed out look since I only managed to get pictures at the end of the day)

Hideki is slightly more reserved probably because he doesn't speak much English at all but he's definitly a master, treating make-up truly like an art. And you don't rush art. It took him a good 5 minutes to curl my lashes so that he can get them P-E-R-F-E-C-T. He likes to tease the customers by applying two dots of any cream product right on the apples of the cheeks (Pikachu!) and snickers to himself before blending. He is very open to the customer's requests and even tries to make the customers see makeup in a new light. He's also a major fan of the "kawaii" look.

Yokie, Tatsuya and I

I really enjoyed working with them this weekend. They are the kind of people who ackknowledge you when you've done something right and have never acted as if they have a higher status just because they're invited guests. Their humbleness and well-mannerisms should truly be applauded and adopted. I've come across many people whom I've worked with who look at the promoters (especially part-timers) as if we're of lower classes than they are. They have definitely made my working experience more valuable and I'll definitely miss them.


yummy411 said...

omg! i'm so excited for you! what an experience! now on with the tips lady!!! gahhhh makeup heaven!

jace said...
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cheeeezie said...

^ that was me posting on the wrong account lol

the experience sounds amazing, i would've loved to meet them! can't wait for your newfound tips & tricks ;) x

心。葵 said...

Connie you so lucky!

How did you get a job working as a MU artist? So fun! :D

I wanna know the tips... and i need to get my brows trim. It's so bushy! :(

Askmewhats said...

aww thanks for sharing such wonderful tips and experience! :) Love the fotd!

prettybeautiful said...

wow its an awesome experience indeed. :) love your lashes, so defined. no wonder my lashes nv look good. looking at the fact that i spend only usually 50 secs. lol

Connie said...

Kia: I've already compiled the tips! I just need pictures to match. Soon soon

Cheeeezie: Yeah, big bummer that you couldn't be here :( It was fun working with them

Plue: Not pure luck! Comes with very very sore feet :( I suck at trimming my brows. Thankfully i've learned to fill them in so that they don't look so unruly.

Nikki: I feel kinda naked with such natural looks though but I totally dig the lashes.

Pretty: hahaha. beauty takes time! I finally found a curler that I really like. Can't wait for pay day!

gio said...

wow, that is an awesome experienced. I'm really happy for you. Can't wait for the tips.

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