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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rimmel Is Now In Malaysia!!

Yes! Not only Majolica Majorca!

Rimmel London
is quite a popular drugstore brand in the US and Britain, well-known for their mascaras and pencil eyeliners with Kate Moss as their spokesperson.

I had no idea that the brand was coming into Watsons as well so when you're popping by to gawk at Majolica Majorca, do check out Rimmel! The prices are comparable with Maybelline so definitely affordable. MJ's prices are more towards Revlon prices.

I promised myself that I wouldn't get anything but I gave into temptation. I picked up one product from both Rimmel and Majolica Majorca. I got the Glam' Eyes Mascara (RM32.90 + 15% Discount) from Rimmel and Skin Lingerie Makeup Base (RM39.90 + 10% Discount) from Majolica Majorca at Pavilion's Watsons. I heard from the MJ promoter that over at Sungei Wang they had sold over 30 mascaras by noon!

What other drugstore brands do you wish will come into Malaysian stores?
I would love for Milani to come.


pinkyping said...

hi! your news make me so excited! haha i thought so far only majorlica majorca came and that was exciting enough. and now Rimmel too! someone up there really wants us to spend haha love your blog btw :)

心。葵 said...

omg omg omg! i wanna get their e/s! i am a sucker for blushers, e/s and mascaras! lippies too! said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Hi Connie! Nearly had a heart attack when I stumbled upon your blog with the header screaming :"Rimmel now in Msia". OMG! I was at Watsons KLCC yesterday to "gawk at MJ" but didn't see Rimmel. Which Watsons did you spot Rimmel being sold at??

Annie said...

i don't know if you noticed but we also have stili-style too!!

Elizabeth said...

OMG I'm so excited!!! But both MJ and Rimmel are not available in Watson's MidValley yet:(

I want NYX!! But of course at their REAL prices. Not the hiked up ones like in S'pore. SGD13.90 for a lippie as compared to USD2 wth!

MisSmall said...

I hope they bring in L'Oreal HIP line. I've heard so much about the gel liners!

Fabuless Beauty said...

I've personally never tried Rimmel cosmetics. Let us know how you like the products.

Connie said...

pinkypig: thanks for supporting! Enjoy your shopping! I'm going even more broke than I already am >.<

Plue: Me wants to gets Rimmel lipgloss. I picked out a color but put it back so that I can get MJ's Skin Lingerie. hehe Lol! My eyes were almost popping out when I saw the display. I was at Pavilion. They should be slowly opening together with MJ. give it some time.

annie: where did you see styli-style? I'm not familiar with that brand though

Elizabeth: NYX! yes!! NYX!! That totally slipped my mind! I'd give up Milani for NYX. Lol!

missmall: Definitely L'Oreal Hip too! But should be a tad pricey. Even regular L'Oreal is pricey here

Fabuless beauty: sure will! Meantime, the Glam'Eyes Mascara is working really well!

Annie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

stili-style is found inside parkson. always around loreal area. Haven't heard much of that brand too but their eyeliners have gotten pretty good reviews from those beauty bloggers from the states

Connie said...

Thanks, Annie! Which Parkson did you spot stili-style? I'll definitely check it out when I'm there.

Annie said...

I saw them at the parkson in OneU and Sunway but I'm not sure if the others have it. You are most likely to find in parkson that has this little corner for drugstore brands.

digie said...

they have it in Watson's Jusco seremban 2 also! together with MM! amazing!!i bought the lip gloss from rimmel just now and i tried it. It's not sticky at all! i dun really like those sticky icky lip gloss tho.hehe

Nea said...

great news! thanks! i basically shrieked and gawked at the lappy screen! Lucky its lunch time, so no one around to get curious. LOL :)

thanks for the great news, hope its available at Watsons near me soon :)

Anonymous said...

Just found out Rimmel london is in Malaysia. They are so cheap in Walmart and other drugstores in USA. So expensive in KL. Kinda sucks. =(

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