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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Review: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

As gentle as a cleanser can get...

"Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser is great for daily makeup removal or as part of a skin care regimen to treat the dryness caused by topical medications used in the treatment of acne, fine lines and wrinkles. Originally formulated for dermatologists, it is gentle on your skin and sensitive to your skin’s needs. Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser will not strip the skin of natural protective oils or emollients, or disturb the skin’s natural pH balance. It is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic, making it an excellent choice for daily facial cleansing. Recommended by Dermatologists for years for people with special skin needs like acne, rosacea, or eczema because of its gentleness. Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser is gentle enough for children, teens and adults. " --

Read on for the review.

This cleanser is famous for being the go-to cleanser when your skin condition goes bonkers. Indeed, this cleanser is extremely gentle and trust me, I've had my fair share of "gentle" cleansers and nothing compares to Cetaphil. There's no distinct smell and it can literally be rubbed into the eyes and there will be no stinging at all.

Cleansing with Cetaphil feels like rubbing your skin with aloe vera gel. It's soothing, very slippery but not foamy. Skin feels as soft as a baby's butt and not taut at all. Don't expect any deep cleansing action though as this cleanser is meant for gentle daily cleansing. I use this in the mornings when I don't like harsh cleansing (prior to this I just wash with water) and when my skin feels irritated.

Only a tiny dollop is sufficient for the whole face so one bottle should last you quite some time.

Available from Watson pharmacies for RM24.90 (236ml)

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Cyndi said...

I heart Cetaphil to the max. =)

Tine said...

Ditto Cyndi. Heart heart heart!

Just one snag - this does not remove makeup well. Will have to use makeup remover first, but then again, don't we always do? :p This is great as a morning face cleanser though.

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Sounds like Dermalogica's Ultracalming Cleanser. I can use it to clean my eyes and it doesn't sting or react at all! Plus it's for extremely sensitive skin and can be even tissued off. It doesn't remove makeup that well either though :P

Connie said...

cyndi: Cool! :D

Tine: Yeah, it's not a deep cleanser. just a very very basic one.

Stephanie: The price for cetaphil is much more kinder to the wallet though. I think I forgot to post the price. will edit.

Connie said...

excuse the grammar. I'm dead tired.

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

I'm tempted to try it out as a replacement for Dermalogica's Ultracalming Cleanser, but I'm still a bit worried I might react since my skin is extremely sensitive to new products :(

Connie said...

Stephanie: I doubt Cetaphil would give you much problems. It's specially designed for sensitive skin and recommended by dermatologists to their patients.

mapple said...

whenever I need to do a lot of face cleansings, Cetaphil is my hero and I should not be afraid that overcleansing will put me in dehydration and troubles ^-^

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