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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Days of using fingers for eye makeup are long gone

Brushes give precision application and blend eyeshadow seamlessly. My reason to not use fingers anymore is that the heat on our finger tips can sometimes be too warm which causes the eyeshadow to smudge. Also, the slight moisture on our fingers may tend to lift up too much eyeshadow and cause it to stick on the fingers instead of the lid.

I got myself 3 new crease brushes from Coastalscents which includes the Italian Badger Doe Foot Stippler, Sable Blending Brush and Tapered Crease Eye Brush.
I'll also be reviewing some of the eyeshadow brushes that I've acquired over the past few months from e.l.f., Elianto and Ianti.

All the brushes featured are very affordable and would be great for anyone who wants to start using brushes but don't wanna pay a lot for them.

Read on for the reviews.

Coastal Scents Brushes

A - Italian Badger Doe Foot Stippler (USD3.89)

Site Info:

Like a crease brush but with an angle and a bit more blending ability. The handle is shiny black along with the ferrule.

From top of hairs to bottom of handle - 6 3/8 inches

The hairs are 1/2 inch at the highest point

The hairs are 1/2 inch at the widest point

Although I've seen beautiful makeup done with brushes similar to this one, it just isn't suitable for me because my crease is not very defined and I have a small lid space which makes it difficult for the brush to get into. I definitely like this better than the other slanted stippler brush that I got since this one's smaller but it's not really a brush that I really fancy. I've been using this to apply highlight and blur out shadow lines in buffing movements but its not as comfortable because the bristles are kinda flimsy compared to the Bobbi Brown's Eye Contour Brush. I'm still in love with that brush and I guess I've just been trying to find more affordable substitutes for it. No doubt though that the bristles are very soft.

B - Sable Blending Brush (USD2.90)

Site Info:

By customer request, we have added a brush that is very comparable to the MAC 224 at an affordable price for everyone.

This brush gently deposits a light application of powder products, it has a matte black wood handle and shiny nickle plated brass ferulle.

Top of hairs to bottom of handle measures 6 2/8 inches long.

The tapered sable hair measures 3/4 inches long.

The ferulle is round at the top holding the sable hair.

I've never owned a MAC224 so I have no idea how that fairs compared to this. The bristles are really soft and full enough to beautifully blend eyeshadow into the crease. The handle is also not too long so you can get a good control with this brush. Despite the fact that this is a good brush, I don't reach out for it as often because it's still a tad too big for my eye unless I'm blending in soft colors.

C - Tapered Crease Eye Brush (USD2.49)

Site Info:

Comparable to M.A.C., by customer request, this brush has a matte black handle with nickel plated aluminium ferrule. This is a crease blending brush.

From top of hairs to bottom of handle - 5 6/8 inches long

Hairs are just over 1/5 inch long

The bristles are not quite as soft as the Sable Blending Brush but not to the point that it's scatchy. I love this brush. I'm using this almost everytime I can. It deposits eyeshadow into the crease so seamlessly. I find it quite effortless to control and you get well-blended colors just with continuous circular motions. The size of the dome is just right for my eye and a good (I wouldn't say perfect) fit to the crease. I've been looking for such a brush for the longest time and I'm so glad that I've finally found it. This is an excellent brush and I highly recommend it.

Here's an example of an eye makeup done with the Sable Blending Brush and Tapered Crease Eye Brush using just my Prescriptives eyebrow powder set. With these brushes, it's like applying color and blending at the same time. Great for quick makeup looks.

Eyeshadow Brushes

A - Large Eyeshadow Brush from Ianti (RM19.90)

Very soft but not as dense as I would like it. Great for applying one wash of colors and to apply soft highlight.

B - Eyeshadow Brush from e.l.f. (USD1)

Soft and dense with a perfect dome shape. Great for smoothing on eyeshadow and blending out harsh edges. Picks up the right amount of color and deposits without a lot of fall-offs. My only problem would be that it's slightly bigger than what I would normally like so I'd only use this brush if I'm working with 1 or 2 colors.

C - Small Eyeshadow Brush from Elianto (RM9)

Unlike Elianto's face brushes, the bristles on their eyeshadow brush is very soft. This is a fluffy eyeshadow brush but dense enough to blend. Also picks up and deposits shadow well and I find myself using this more because it's smaller compared to the e.l.f. brush thus easier to work with.

D - Small Eyeshadow Brush from Ianti (RM19.90)

Has similar texture to the large eyeshadow brush. Quite fluffy and may cause some fall-offs during application. I use this brush if i'm working with a lot of colors. I'm still looking for a brush that's more dense and less fluffy but in the same size.


MisSmall said...

Thanks for the review, gal!

I've heard so many good things being said about CS brushes and I'm determined to place my order once I get around to doing more research. Both of the 2 reviews you've done on them sure come in handy to help deciding which brush to try out first. :D

心。葵 said...

I have loads of Elianto brushes.

I think I have the same eyebrush from Elianto as you. I have the medium & small. Or was it the big and small? Can't remember. But yeah, it's really soft and does the job quite well. :D Quite in love with it.

Face brush is okay, though sometimes it's pokey. After a few washes and conditioner, it's better ady.

Waiting for my CS deluxe buffer and Posh brushes! Can't stop buying blusher brushes :P

Agnes said...

yay! i love CS brushes! i wanted to order more. but i guess i have to be determined about my cosmetic ban =x...

but sometimes fingers do help to blend the shadows better haha!

Connie said...

missmall: yeah, not all the brushes are good but they're cheap enough to try out.

Plue: I didn't like Elianto's face brushes. Once you've tried the CS deluxe buffer buffer brush, you'd get what I mean!

Agnes: Naughty girl! Oh well, I can't suppress my own addiction.
fingers are great with cream eyeshadows and sometimes highlight application. Other than that, I don't use my fingers to blend. I'm probably too rough. Lol. I'd tend to keep on reapplying because I keep rubbing off the shadow.

Askmewhats said...

I heart brushes, they are staples in any make-up lover! :)

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