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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Simple Sunset Eyes Tutorial

Do you know how I first fell in love with yellow eyeshadow? It was because of Sunset Eyes which is one of my all-time favorite looks. It is very simple to do and the look is actually a great daytime look for anyone despite their skin tones. So, no excuses that it looks good because I'm slightly tanned! I understand that many people are just directly put off by bright colors and the thought of "yellow" and "orange" is utterly frightening but these colors are in fact, just subtly bright when combined together. I personally feel that blues and greens make more of a statement in terms of being striking and yet they're more easily accepted.

I hope this tutorial can encourage y'all to try some different, brighter colors. It's all in the mind, baby. Colors are friends, not foes. You'll never know until you get to know 'em.
I'm using the 88-Color Eyeshadow Palette for this look and I really need to label my palette...

Items Used

Bright Yellow, Light Orange, Reddish Orange and Dark Brown

Eye Products:

L'Oreal De Crease Eyeshadow Base
88-Color Palette (Bright Yellow, Light Orange, Reddish Orange, Dark Brown)
MAC Eyeshadow in Ricepaper
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Bloop Eyeliner Pencil in Black
Clinique Lash Power Mascara
Prescriptives Eyebrow Powder

Brushes Used:

Fluffy Highlight Brush
Artist Mop Brush (Shader Brush)
e.l.f. Eyeshadow Brush
Round Crease Brush
Gel Eyeliner Brush (flat, rounded, synthetic)


RMK Creamy Make Up Base
Missha BB Cream
Revlon Age Defying Light Makeup
Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in #1
Giorgio Armani Loose Powder
e.l.f. Healthy Glow in Luminance
Jordana Powder Blush in Coral Sandy Beach


MAC Lustreglass in Wonderstruck

Let's begin!

Start with a clean eye, duh! Blend the eyeshadow base all over the lids up to the brow bone. Take the mop brush (shader) and pick up a generous amount of Bright Yellow. Pat the color onto the inner third of the lid. I like to use the mop brush to pat on colors when I want them to be intense.

Next, take the eyeshadow brush and pick up some Light Orange. The e.l.f. brush that I'm using is fluffy and yet dense enough to use for blending. Apply the color vertically down the middle of the lid so that you can properly place the color where you want it and not fade the color. At this point you just wanna place the colors onto the lids.

Using the same brush, take some Reddish Orange and apply it into the outer corner of the lid. Place the color with the tip of the brush since there is little space left. Bring the color up to the top of the crease so that you'd have some sort of an arch of color.
Clean off the residues on the brush with a tissue. With a light hand, sweep the wide area of the brush back and forth on the separation line between the Yellow and the Light Orange.

Now use the tip of the brush to blend the edges of the Reddish Orange above the crease in small back and forth strokes so that there isn't any harsh lines. The color should fade into the skin.

Take the round crease brush and dip it into the Dark Brown. Place a small amount on the outer V of the lid. Clean off the residues on the brush with a tissue. Using the same brush, blend the Dark Brown within the area and into the crease. Add some Dark Brown on the lower lash line as well focusing on the outer lower lash line and lightly dragging the color inwards. Clean off brush and smudge the shadow.

Using a fluffy highlight brush, sweep on Ricepaper right under the brow and blend it together with the Reddish Orange. Apply highlight into the inner corner of the eye as well.

Apply Blacktrack with an eyeliner brush starting from the middle of the upper lash line. Create a thin solid line extending it out to the outer lash line. Draw a little wing (use the lower lash line as a guide. Imagine the lower lash line extending to the top) and join the line with the tip of the wing.

Finish off the look by tightlining the upper rim with black pencil eyeliner, apply mascara and fill in eyebrows.

Blush Blush Blush. From the apples to the temples.

Not dramatic at all, right?

Thanks for looking!


digie said...

very nice! and yay it's from 88 palette. LOL
thanks connie

Emily said...

Lovely eotd :) I'm the Emily who asked about the 88 palette at your chatbox before, remember? I'm just here to say that I love your blog :)

Connie said...

Digie: Thanks and you're welcome :)

Emily: *waves at Emily* Thanks for supporting :)

gio said...

This is so pretty. Thanks for the tutorial.

Agnes said...

Hey dearie, do you mind to briefly review about loreal de crease. whether it is good enough to get or should i just skip it and stick to Shadow insurance by toofaced? xD..

ohhh and i used to do sunset eyes a lot xD kinda get bored with it, but i used orange and brown with a little gold xD..

i wanna try recreate your sunset eyes too! its been so long since i ever have a colourful make up =(

Connie said...

I will definitely review the Loreal De crease when I eventually get to it. Lol. I'm still attempting to get some good comparison photos. I've never used Too Faced's Shadow Insurance but I've heard so much about it and how it is totally comparable with the UDPP but in better packaging. I'd get it if I could afford it. So, actually I'd say get the Shadow Insurance because the Loreal Decrease has sucky packaging. Hard lipgloss-like tube. I got my de-crease quite cheap from since it was buy 1 free 1 so it only came up to be RM18 each (plus shipping and "commission") so it's a good backup and for anyone who just wanna get an inexpensive eyeshadow base that works.

I'd love to see your recreation of the look ;)

Askmewhats said...

that is very very pretty! Most sunset looks i've seen are quite dark and this is such a fresh look!

Connie said...

Thanks, Nikki :)

Chian Li said...

lovely look! thanks for the tut.

geez i don't have any orange eyeshadow :S
it's hard to find the shade that i like

ayuChika said...

it seems good,
but still i think bright colour is not suitable for people with small eyes like me⊙﹏⊙

however,do u hav any idea that za has a product called "za shimmer glimmer"in malaysia?
cz im looking for cheaper product that can give me an illuminating look

Fairy said...

ehh are u using synthetic artist brush?doesnt it hurt ?? get a red sable or ponytail(brand:pentel) artist brush, i think it will b kind on ur eyes :p

nice tutorial!me likeyyyyy!!wish i can try it sumday, scared hubby will laugh at me haha :p

Connie said...

Chian Li: You're welcome :) Hmm... orange single eyeshadows.. I know Elianto has orange shades but I wasn't too keen on them but I did swatch an orange shadow at Watsons from the brand, Orma, I think... You can probably check that out.

Ayuchika: Asian eyes are actually great for playing with colors. If you wanna add more depth to the eyes just blend in more of the dark brown to make the crease appear deeper.

I've never seen that product at pharmacies before (but then again, I'm not familiar with ZA products). I'm using Revlon Skinlights and it's excellent. I don't think they're still available at retail outlets but you can inquire about the item from Jess ( I think she still have one last tube left in Natural Light selling for RM28.

Connie said...

Fairy: I using the goat hair one. Soft :D I love that brush. I wanna get more. Currently have em in 3 sizes (4,6,12) and only less than 4 bucks for the small brushes. 6 bucks for the #12 which I sometimes use for contouring. The Pentel sable one I got is the long rounded one in #6... I thought can use as crease brush but too narrow and long. Very soft though. *sighs* Where to find nice watercolor brushes ah? I get mine from Taman Melawati and I was surprised that the gigantic art store at Gardens didn't have a good variety of natural-hair brushes.

At first they'd laugh and then they'd just learn to shut up :p

Fairy said...

alamak seriously Art Friend doesnt have that much brushes?aww i was thinking to get nice natural brushes for my painting -_- since ppl kept saying the prices are kept low & more choices.hmmmm natural hair ah, quite difficult.i checked Win's Art(tmn mayang), but they only have nylon, but good quality ones lah.I'll find out where la, cause i need some oso..seriously goat hair brushes only 4 bucks?:o

mayb u can try Venus Art (outside sunway pyramid/petaling street)or go here :

havnt been to this place, but it seems they hav quite a variety of art& craft materials.

my hands are itchy to get the GA foundation & the 88 color, but then again it'll turn to waste as i'm a lazy bummer to use eyeshadow ;p GA vs RMK, which one wud u suggest ?mine combination skin

Connie said...

Art Friend has natural brushes but not a lot. At least nothing that's right for me. Either too big or too rough. Not very cheap though! They have a lot of cool crafts stuff though and not very expensive but some "imported" stuff are kinda pricey. Still worth checking out la. Yah! Taman Melawati has a lot of art stores since MIA is there but the one that I normally go to is The Art Shop.

I wanna go to Venus Art. Andrew went but he said not a lot of brushes compared to The Art Shop. Thanks for the link! I'll try to check that store out. Looks promising.

I'd suggest that you go to the counter and try both foundations and see which one looks best for you. Personally I'm all for GA but then again, products work differently with different people.

Kori said...

This look is so pretty, you've very talented. I'm glad I have the coastalscents palette so I can do this look. (:

Connie said...

Thanks, Kori. Do let me know how the look works out for you!

jeSmakeup said...

i like that sunset inspired look... its like a desert look tooo...

aronil said...

oi oi you! remember me linora from biotherm launch? lol.. finally i've found your blog and looking at the eyes i had an inkling it was you.hehe how have u been babes? In the end i did get the shu uemera eyelash curlers. love them!

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