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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RMK Liquid Foundation, Creamy Foundation and Make Up Base Reviews

So, I've been using RMK's foundation, both the Liquid Foundation and the Creamy Foundation, for awhile now and finally, here's the review! I've also reviewed the Make Up Base. I'm rushing for school so the intro's gonna be short.
Read on. Read on.

Liquid Foundation (30ml, RM155)
(Shade 104)

This foundation is very easy to blend and the shade matched my skin color well. It gave a medium coverage that’s just enough to even out the skin tone. It feels very lightweight on the skin and managed to stay put the entire day without becoming patchy even without touching up. However, there were a few dry areas such as the forehead and the sides of the nose causing accentuated lines. The color became slightly ashy and dull but the luminosity remained. They have a wide array of shades (Tip: Shades starting with 1— is yellow-based and 2— is pink-based) even for those with darker skin color but those with insanely fair skin ie. Carmen, may find it a tad difficult to get a match. The foundation comes in a pour bottle which is rather inconvenient to use but it doesn’t waste as much product as pump bottles. They don’t sell a separate pump. You may have to be careful when pouring the foundation because it is quite watery and you may pour out more product than you need. This foundation is water-based so it is advisable to shake the bottle first because the foundation often separates.
In my opinion, this is a good foundation and I’d recommend it to anyone with normal to oilier complexions. Personally, I prefer Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation because it doesn’t dry up certain areas and doesn’t become ashy when oxidized. Water resistant and sweat proof.

Creamy Foundation (30g, RM170)
(Shade 103)

The smooth creamy texture is easy to blend and the coverage can be gradually built up without looking thick and heavy. The foundation gives medium to heavy coverage but not sufficient to conceal blemishes and spots. The shades are the same as the liquid foundation’s and they’re very similar so if you’re using 104 for liquid, you’d be able to use 104 for the cream. However, I’m using 103 for the cream just to test the color out since 104 is slightly darker than my skin tone but apparently 103’s too fair for me. I’m between 103 and 104. The staying power is just as good as the liquid foundation but after just 2 hours upon application, the foundation looked very dry and cakey. The color oxidized to look grey and rather dull. At the end of the day, my face looked very oily. The packaging is good in the sense that the jar enables full consumption of the product. It is also quite savvy to use as only a small amount is needed to provide ample coverage. The small sample packet lasted me for 5 applications! Also water-based but it does contain oil to moisturize the skin for those with drier complexions. But honestly, it felt even drier than the liquid. Water resistant and sweat proof.
I really wanted to root for this because I love cream foundation especially Giorgio’s Designer Shaping Foundation (but that’s a whopping RM249!) but this one just doesn’t do it for me. Great texture but lines and grey skin are just not pretty.

Make Up Base (30ml, RM135 -- I think, need to double check)

RMK has several makeup bases but I believe this is the most popular one. The peachy white fluid is rather watery and only a small amount is needed to be used for the whole face. When applied, the skin looks brighter and feels smoother. Foundation blends more easily with this incredibly lightweight base and it actually prevents the foundation from turning ashy. Skin looks glowing throughout the day but it does get quite oily at the end of the day. This make up base can be used alone just for a fresher looking complexion. I’m not sure how this base performs in helping foundation to stay on longer because the RMK foundations are already very long lasting. It comes in a pour bottle just like the liquid foundation.
I like this product and I’d recommend it but not a product that I can’t live without. I’ve also tried the Creamy Make Up Base but I didn’t like it as much. Too thick.


ayuChika said...

i have tried on the rmk sample both liquid foundation n makeup base
i think they r marvellous
smooth,non-greasy,and u feel like nothing sticky.d foundation stay well too,thx to its waterproof formula

Connie said...

The liquid foundation and makeup base is an excellent combination :) I don't fancy the liquid foundation on its own though. Glad they worked well for you.

prettybeautiful said...

i saw the ads everywhere in last month's cleo and now i am surprised that it is not THAT great after all

Connie said...

It's indeed an incredibly popular brand in Japan though. Don't just take my opinion into account though. Their products have been wondrous for many people. Just not so much for me.

ccw said...

hi...i get to know this product from my lovely sister(she's one of the japanese beauty magazine fans :p) i bought RMK liquid foundation code 102 recently...emm, i dun really see what i expected after the first application...but i'm not giving up ..practice makes perfect. now i realise that i used too much for the first application, actually small amount of the liquid is enough to even the my skin tone, but it's too light and can't cover up my acne marks.. so i layer up with bobbi brown blemish cover stick or avene concealer pen... the result is fantastic cos it looks nature :)
p/s: the ingredients used in the RMK liquid foundation are non-comedogenic... it's friendly to acne porn skin :)

Connie said...

Glad you're liking the foundation? Certainly, only a small amount is needed but it only gives a light coverage. You're on the right track with pairing the foundation up with a concealer. If I'm not mistaken the foundation's oil-free too so those with oilier complexions would be happy with this.

rebecca said...

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BT said...

I come to your blog recently, great blog. I almost to buy the RMK creamy fdn because I heard so many rave about it, luckily I read your review of the fdn. Thanks for the review!

Connie said...

I may not be crazy over the foundation but I still wouldn't mind using it. Who knows? it may work for you! I always suggest to go to the counter and personally try the foundation first and see if you like the feel of it :) My only tip would be asking the BA to try the foundation for you without the base because you may get different results if you buy the foundation but not the base.

wendysyri said...

wow, so now I'm wondering if I should just forget this foundation. I've heard a lot of rave about great this foundation is, so I wanted to try it. But if it turns ashy and MUST be used with a base...hmm. Is it really worth all the hassle?? I would have to order RMK online, can't get color matched, so I would first have to order samples, and on top of that wait a week or soo...oorrr just go to the department store and pick me up a bottle of the Armani Luminous? That or the Chanel Mat Lumiere?

Asa said...

I am going to try this next week ~

Anonymous said...

Until recently I never used any foundation or make up base on my face on a daily basis until I bought a magazine a few months back and it came with a RMK Liquid Foundation sample (quite a big bottle I must say). One morning I tried it on after patting in my moisturizer. The look is fresh, light and dewey! I love the healthy glow and have since continued using it.

My method:
Pat any moisturizer onto your face(I use water-based moisturizer).
Slightly blot extra moisturizer not absorbed by skin OR just leave it on for 10 minutes then
pour A LITTLE BIT OF RMK Liquid Foundation on the back of your hand.
Using a finger, put 3 dots on the each side of the cheek, chin, forehead and 2 on the temple.
Use fingers to pat all the foundation, when it's all over the face, just smear it a bit just enough for coverage. With this foundation, I only use my fingers to pat, not sponge. It feels and looks natural on me.

Try it.

dyra said...

im using the RMK 103 cream foundation , reccomended by my friend.I tried hers and my pores magically disappear!
Its definitely the Holy Grail of Foundation for girls with big pores like me teehee

i had surveyed other counters and usually they sell a separate pore reducing cream in addition to foundation .thus i felt that rm170 for the RMK is definitely worth it as u only use a small amount anyways =)

Doreen said...

I'm from Penang,Malaysia
Can I know where can I buy ORIGINAL RMY ??
I cnt find it :(

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