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Thursday, August 28, 2008

M.A.C. Swatches: Shadows, Pigments, Lip/Lustreglass, Quad, Beauty Powder

Lily from requested swatches for the MAC Showflower Quad(Faintly Fleur, Prize Bloom, Leaflette, Rare Specimen) from May 2007 and I'm so sorry that I didn't get this up sooner! I've also swatched some MAC Glitters (Reflects Pearl, Reflects Blackened Red) and Pigments (Revved-Up, Dark Soul) which includes 4 colors that I got from trading with Jessie (Provence, Fairylite, Off The Radar, Sweet Sienna).

Also swatched are the single eyeshadows (Ricepaper, Glare, Era, Concrete, Pretty Twisted, Zone, Laven-Dah!, Electric Eel, Electro Sky, Purple Haze). For the lippies, I have swatches for the Dress Set: 5 Warm Lustre and Lipglass (Florabundance, Wonderstruck, Instant Gold, Spring Bean, New Flame). Last but not least, is the Beauty Powder/Loose in Dancing Light.

That's a lot of swatches, eh? Not as much work as swatching the 88-Color Palette though. That was quite the hassle!

Enjoy my labour! Okay, that sounded so wrong. Just read on.

Top L-R: Faintly Fleur and Prize Bloom. Bottom L-R: Leaflette and Rare Specimen

M.A.C. Showflower Quad (LE)
*See Looks

Faintly Fleur - Soft Pink with Silver Reflects (L)
Prize Bloom - Smoky Plum (VP)
Leaflette - Light Green with Silver Reflects (VP)
Rare Specimen - Dark Plum Brown with Silver Shimmer (L)

Top L-R: Faintly Fleur and Prize Bloom. Bottom L-R: Leaflette and Rare Specimen

Top L-R: Provence, Off The Radar, Dark Soul, Reflects Blackened Red
Bottom L-R: Fairylite, Revved-Up, Sweet Sienna, Reflects Pearl

M.A.C. Glitter

Reflects Blackened Red - Sparkling Burgundy
Reflects Pearl (Pro Product) -
Very fine particle white glitter with a pearl sheen

Top L-R: Reflects Blackened Red and Reflects Pearl. Bottom L-R: Revved-Up and Dark Soul

Top L-R: Fairylite and Provence. Bottom L-R: Off The Radar and Sweet Sienna

M.A.C. Pigment

Provence -
Light neutral with reflects (Frost)
Fairylite - Very pale ivory shimmer with opalescent pearl (Pearl)
Off The Radar (LE) - A Shimmery Orange with a hint of coral
Revved-Up - Icy rose with reflects (Frost)
Dark Soul - Charcoal black smoked with gold
Sweet Sienna - Brown grey with copper sparkle

Top L-R: Ricepaper, Glare, Era, Concrete, Pretty Twisted
Bottom L-R: Zone, Laven-Dah!, Electric Eel, Electro Sky, Purple Haze

M.A.C. Eyeshadow
*See Looks

Ricepaper - Soft peachy gold with shimmer (Frost)
Glare (Disc) - Pale, bright chartreuse accented with gold shimmer (Frost)
Era - Soft muted golden beige with subtle shimmer (Satin)
Concrete - Muted taupe brown (Satin)
Pretty Twisted (LE) - True mid-toned aqua green (Matte)
Zone (Disc) - Midtone green with olive undertone & gold sparkle (Satin)
Laven-Dah! (LE) - Scanty mauve, tickled with pink (Satin)
Electric Eel - Vivid bright blue flecked with shimmer (Satin)
Electro Sky (Disc) - Powered up shocking blue (Satin)
Purple Haze - Intense purple (Matte)

Top L-R: Florabundance, Wonderstruck, New Flame
Bottom L-R: Spring Bean, Instant Gold

M.A.C. Lustreglass

Wonderstruck - Lustred-up clean pink coral
Spring Bean - New apple green with gold sparkle pearl overglaze
Instant Gold - Lustre-shined light neutral gold

L-R: Florabundance, Wonderstruck, New Flame, Spring Bean, Instant gold

M.A.C. Lipglass

Florabundance - Peachy blossom pink (Cream)
New Flame - Dark orange with reddish copper reflect

Dancing Light

M.A.C. Beauty Powder/Loose

Dancing Light - Creamy gold with white gold reflect


Lily said...

thanks for the swatches! and your cat sounds sooo cute! is your cat declawed? i think if i adopted a cat, i'd want to get it declawed... but some people think it's inhumane. i don't know if it hurts them to get declawed...

Connie said...

You're welcome. ooh.. I've never heard of declawing before but I don't think it's necessary. you can just trim the nails and they'll happily make use of scratch pads or poles. I've never experienced having my cat claw up my furniture. She'd much prefer to "buff" her nails on her scratch pad.

p/s: I've looked up declawing and apparently it's an amputation which is painful and take quite some time to recover:
Besides, dogs are much more destructive when they're not properly trained. I've had a fair share of things destroyed by my dogs: underwear, calculator, watch, bicycle pedals, clothes, remote controls, phones, shoes, etc.

Mazuien Ibrahim said...

Nice blog here! :)

yummy411 said...

kewlies! love the comparisons! i've had similar experiences. however, one of my fav bases right now is a loreal hip paint. when i used a fluidliner as a base (dries down pretty dull)...ugh! not my cup of tea, especially since i used a horrible lustre shadow.. omg the fall out!

Connie said...

mazuien: Thanks :)

Kia: We don't have l'Oreal hip here and to bring them into the country would be just a few bucks difference to get a MAC product so I didn't really bother to get them. Yeah, that does happen sometimes depending on the types of colors and textures.

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