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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Avril's Concert Was Freaking Awesome!

This is gonna be a long post and I'm actually rushing because I was to tired from jumping the whole night that I passed out for 15 hours. I'm just gonna leave you with some pictures and a video for the time being and I'll update the details when I'm not so in a hurry! Enjoy!

Updated with details!

Excuse my horrendous singing. :p

Read on for the pictures and details of the concert.

This was my inspiration for the night's make-up. The emphasis being on the word "inspiration" since I don't look like Avril and well, it didn't turn out exactly the same, duh! I spent the night before singing to her songs so that I'd be prepared to sing them at the show *hee hee* and while googling her pictures for inspirations I came across her Maxim pictures and they were H-A-W-T! So, go Google!
See what I mean about not looking like Avril Lavigne? Oh well, that wasn't my aim anyway. I chose this look since I looked mighty scary in the previous Avril-inspired look that I did. I had to dig out some of my old Giorgio Armani eyeshadows and since I haven't been using them for so long, I almost forgot how much they sucked. They were such a b*tch to blend and the shadow just wouldn't stick even though I had primer on. I'd use other eyeshadows but apparently I don't have any non-frosty grey eyeshadows. Something to add to the wishlist, eh? I skipped the false lashes because I didn't want to feel mega conscious about them and risk having them come off in the middle of the show.

I used mineral foundation from MAD Minerals , Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush in #11, MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, Origins Eyeshadow in Glistening Granite, Sweetscents Pigments in Gala and 24k Gold, GA sucky eyeshadow (I don't remember the shade), MAC Ricepaper, L.A. Girl Liquid Eyeliner and Flamingo Mascara.

Olivia and I took the train to Stadium Merdeka and we reached at 6:15p.m. Keep in mind that the concert was scheduled to start at 8:45. Look at the line!! But one of the perks of actually paying money to watch a concert is that you don't have to wait in line which made me wonder why we went so early. Since we had so much time in our hands, we scouted around for Avril wannabe -- There's one!

Getting ready to go inside and we're pumped!

More than 2 hours before the show started, already so many fans there. Look! A pretty rainbow! We got a nice little spot right at the zone barrier and we had a picnic on the grass, munching on Oreo cookies and chocolates. We needed to increase our energy level. I also experienced the mobile toilet (dubbed "Toi Toi" by Andrew) for the first time and I truly did not enjoy it.

The heavens must have been weeping for joy because it started to rain... Don't we just look adorable in orange raincoats? Thankfully, the rain stopped right before the concert started.

Can you see? Can you see? Yeah, I couldn't either. The opening act was by god-knows-who and it kinda ended how it started ie. unnoticed. Finally at 9p.m. the show started with Girlfriend and out came sweet little Avril to the stage. What happened throughout that song, you can watch in the video that I've uploaded. She sang all of her singles and I could sing all of them! Yay! But she also sang some songs from The Best Damn Thing album which I wasn't too familiar with. The show started with a bunch of upbeat songs and then she whipped out the pink piano and sang When You're Gone which *sobs* got me all worked up. Dangit! I love that song so much. She followed with Innocence -- another song that I can't help but cry to. I know, I'm a crybaby , get over it. She then did like a medley of some songs in acoustic which was really nice because it proved that she could sing live which I was really impresses with because a few years back, I honestly did not think that she sang well live. She also played the pink drums for Runaway. Quite a talented girl, isn't she? Did I mention that even her microphone was pink?

After a short intermission, Avril came back with more upbeat songs, a very cute red hoodie with "ears" and really worked the crowd by teasing them. It's hard to explain but we were like speakers blaring out the screams and she was handling the volume control knob. She was so adorable and totally spunky. A very PG concert that was tame enough for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and "some" idiots wanted to ban the concert. All the fuss for nothing. Heck, my dressing was more exposed that hers. By the way, she wore a black T-shirt with black pants in the first third of the show, changed to white at the second and finally the red hoodie. She had her hair crinkled and she looked like an absolute doll.
The show ended with a different backdrop and everybody in the crowd knew that she was gonna sing Sk8er Boi. Naturally, they went INSANE! We called for an encore but there was none. Boo.
Left: Pre- jumping and screaming.
Right: Post- jumping and screaming. Not bad. My makeup didn't melt off and I got a healthy flush.
Olivia was dying of exhaustion because she was deprived of food and sleep and Andrew was complaining that the concert was too short at only 1 and 1/2 hours. Connie was as happy as a clown and she enjoyed herself very much. Guess what? PAS protesters were at the concert too. Good for them. How about banning Dora The Explorer next?


Agnes said...

ahhh avrilllll~

nice make up btw xD... i think avril uses more black liner =x.. but urs is so prettyyyyy~

i love winged eye effect lol... xD...

MisSmall said...

Now that's a gorgeous eye makeup! The yellow blended in so well with the grey, much to my surprise. You're the pro, gal!

And Avil, isn't she just a cute dainty little thing?

prettybeautiful said...

avril looks forever 21 with her undying smoky eyes!

Connie said...

Agnes: Thanks :)Yeah, hers look darker actually from the thick falsies which I decided to pass on from fear of them coming off during the show.

Missmall: Thank :)It was a pain to blend though! I really really dislike GA's eyeshadows. Icks. Avril was super adorable, prancing around the stage like a little girl.

Pretty: Her trademark look ma. I think the reason why the black smokey eye look doesn't work for me is because I have dark brown eyes and tanned skin while Avril's really fair and her eyes are such a bright blue. I'm waiting for my grey contacts to arrive then I'll try the look again to see if it works with lighter eyes :p

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