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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Won the Battle of the Zits!

My weapon?
Dermedex Sceptic Challenge Pack

I've been having an absurd problem with my forehead since pimples were popping up like chicken pox and it made my skin looked all dull, scarred, rough and wrinkly. I've tried so hard with masks, pimple creams, scrubs, acne cleansers, etc. to get rid of the ugliness but with little success. I finally decided that I should go for a facial and get my zits professionally extracted and start working from there. The beautician recommended me this trial pack and I religiously applied the two tubes every day. In within a week, I was seeing amazing results. Pimples stopped coming up, the skin was much more smooth and refined, fine lines were less visible and scars faded.
Read on for more information and to see the amazing results! Please be warned, icky pictures ahead.

The pack comes with two 5g tubes: Biotox Cleanser and Biotox Refining Cream. The Biotox Cleanser "deeply cleanses and unclogs pores while helping to reduce dry, thickened, outer layer of the skin. Regular use will help to reveal a fresh, clearer, brighter complexion to dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging, restoring the supple, glowing effect of healthy skin". The Biotox Refining Cream on the other hand is "quick and effective for problem prone skin, such as pimple prone, big open pores, dull and tired appearance. Regular use will encourage your skin's natural defenses to resist blackheads, reduce redness and irritation, and dramatically lightens and restores your youthful radiant complexion".

My journey to wellness recorded.
Pictures taken on: 29/06, 09/07 (slight improvement with Himalaya A-N-P Cream), 13/07, 21/07

For once, I did not feel like I fell into the trap of false advertisements. This stuff really works! The cleanser is not a foamy type and it gives a cooling minty feeling to the skin. It can also be used as a 15-minute quick mask or even an over-night mask but it has to be rinsed off.
The refining cream is the 1st prize winner here. The cream contains fine exfoliating beads that eventually dissolves as it is massaged onto the skin. I use it primarily on my forehead and wherever that I have a problem with acne scars. A cooling effect is also given off by this cream. Despite the daily exfoliation, skin did not feel dry or peeled instead my skin felt softer, more refined and even the discolorations have been reduced.

The trial pack which sells for RM22, of course, comes in full sizes as well which I've actually never seen the full-sized one, that sells for S$58 for 30ml of the Refining Cream and S$48 for 50ml for the Cleanser. I don't know the price in Ringgit. Regardless, the little tubes go a very long way as only a small amount of product is needed.

Dermedex is so confident with this product that they even have a 100% 30 Days No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee. They even claim that it is a genuine, no gimmick guarantee.

According to the Dermedex official website, they are running a promotion whereby they are giving away this trial pack for free. Click here to find out how to go about it.
I'm so gonna try to get another free trial pack. Heh heh.

Dermedex products are available at appointed retail salons. Click for the list of outlets.


digie said...

hey there, can i know where did u do ur facial and how much isit? my face is worse than urs!! gah..

Connie said...

I did it in Semenyih actually. cost me 68 bucks. -_- I hardly ever go for facials. It was an emergency. I resorted to it.

xoxo Jaimie said...

yay congratulations!!!

xoxo Jaimie
Don't forget to check out my new contest!

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Awesome! Congratulations to you for winning the battle! :D Really awesome results. I used to have pretty bad acne when I was younger as well, and once a week facials cleared things up... at least my mother paid that time.

Connie said...

Jaimie: Thanks! Neat contest you have there! It's too bad I'm on the other side of the world.

Stephanie: Thanks :) I usually only have acne due to stress. On normal days, my skin is far too dry create any zits. Ah.. I can't afford once a week facial. In my entire 21 years of life I've only been to 3 facials. Not including the pressure point massage facial.

cheeeezie said...

heh i like the cautionary disclaimer in the first pic :)

and wow, those are amazing results! i should definitely check this one out next time i'm in malaysia. not sure if they have it here.

Connie said...

I didn't notice that caution until recently. lol. Nope. I don't think they have it in australia but they're available in Singapore though so you could probably pick one up there when you go for your massive Singapore shopping trip ;)

prettybeautiful said...

wow!!! totally amazing!!!!!! i know what to do when pimples strike me (i hope not again)

Connie said...

My pimples will strike back every time I'm stressed :(

Anonymous said...

Dermedex is nice :)
I've tried on the trial pack too n just finished, im going to get the full size bottles on tomorrow
the price for each is hundred over, i've forgotten how much it is. my bf is using this product, n it really works very very well for acne skin. for the defining cream, it can actually soften ur blackhead, n is able to make ur skin 'shine' n so on :) and yes i love the cooling effect... my bf told me the bioxtox refining cream really works as it is able to prevent ur pimples from popping out ;) tho i got no acne prob but i love to use it too, to remove all de dullness, for a softer shiny and fairer skin ;) thumbs up!!

yummy411 said...

congrats! i'm glad you found something that works so well for you!

Connie said...

Anonymous: Great to know another avid user! I was surprised at how well it works. Now that the pimples are under control, I'm working on my jaw discolorations and acne scars.

Yummy: Thanks! :)Finding the right product is indeed quite difficult

ccw said...

Hi beauty... thanks for your recommendation...I immediately get one after reading your blog..haha cos i'm really sick of my face complexion, i suffer from acne since primary 6!!!hope this product works on me (~'_'~)
Seriously ...i love your blog, awaiting for your incoming makeup tutorials and beauty product reviews :)
~from beauty and makeup lover~

Anonymous said...

hi connie,

just wondering have u finally gotten the free trial pack? i tried to go to the website but cant really understand how am i suppose to do that...i just saw the dealer's list when i click on how to get one? or is the promo over? a bit late

natural cosmetics said...

Excellent post, I myself stick to nothing but all natural beauty products. I am also very aware of the foods I eat as this is one of the main causes of bad health and most skin and odor issues. I have never even heard of this product but obviously it works, and congrats on finding something real for once

JanoBano said...

Hey guys I saw some new natural products here at discounted prices,

After Glow Cosmetics said...

Yeah Natural Cosmetics are far more better then others, I like them.

Kim said...

Hi Connie, I wonder if you are still using dermedex? My face has been non stop breaking out lately... i'm at my wit's end to combat them. I'm interested to hear your comment, now that it's been a year since you last post about this product and acne battling regime. Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

lets see.a trial pack, consisting of a 10g cleanser and a 5g refining cream is at RM22. conversion says, 1g equals to 1ml. So a full bottle of cleaner 50ml is at RM118 and a full bottle of refining cream 30ml is RM138. Lets divide RM118 with 50 and you get RM2.36 per ml. 10g or 10ml is RM23.36 and 50ml is RM118. Wait!! RM138 divide by 30 is RM4.60. Multiply by 30 is RM138!! Lah ... then by challenge pack or full bottle also same price. Moreover, the challenge pack guarantees 'freshness'. Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Connie,im a happy user of dermedex long time ago.My pimply cheek suddenly become very smooth and omg,i have no even 1 pimple (before this,my face was very,very horrible,i kid you not).Everybody praise my sudden changed face,which is fair,smooth and look perfect even without makeup,but suddenly,the second tube did not worked on me (it was the new formulation,it less or non grainy one,i didnt know it has changed until I opened it,and god please forgive me,i was bought 7 packs!!).Suddenly i got veryyyy bad pimple (never experienced it before).It was pain.Eventhough i didnt touch it,because scare of appearance of scar,but it did left very nasty mark on my cheeks,forehead and chin.I was then depending on Revlon Colorstay 24hours because I have no guts to face people with those angry monsters!It looks like,the pimples that dermedex suppressed before didnt heal nor treat,it just being flattened,and when my skin has become immuned (or,i did believe it is because the new formulation),and then it all popped out like there is no tomorrow!Supersad!!!

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