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Friday, July 25, 2008

Flabbergasted -- Insanely Cheap Eyeshadow Palettes

I showed my classmate one of these palettes and asked her "How much do you think this costs?". Her answer, "Um, 50 bucks?".
Whoever told you that only expensive makeup can be awesome has been living under a rock.
These highly pigmented eyeshadows give very smooth textures and brilliant metallic colors with good lasting power too.

So, how much are these pretty palettes? ---- 5 Ringgit each. Unbelievable? Believe it.
Read on for the review and swatches for all the palettes.

Qianyu has an assortment of RM5 palettes that mainly consist of hyper metallic eyeshadows and super shimmery shades. They're made in China (almost everything is, nowadays!) which is probably why they're so cheap. I am sure many are concerned with cheap makeup and would hardly give these under-publicized eyeshadows a second thought with fear that they are of horrible quality and may conjure a rash. However, be rest assured that I've personally tried and tested these eyeshadows arnd they did not give me a rash. Instead, I get red flaky eyelids when I use Dior eyeshadows. See! I'm allergic to expensive makeup (just kidding, of course). The only thing that I'm concerned with is that the fragrance is quite strong. No allergies. Just annoying.

I like the eyeshadows very much for their beautiful colors but they are a tad too metallic for my taste and may not combine in such a balanced manner but as individual colors I think they're excellent. This would very much be loved by those who like very shimmery eyeshadows.

The palettes are available at Hinode Shop (the 5 Ringgit per item store). You may not find the exact eyeshadows as shown in this post but you can look out for the brand name. If you're lucky, there may also be testers so that you can swatch the eyeshadows. Sometimes I help myself with the swatching and thankfully, the salespeople are not fussy about that.

The Hinode Shop is available in many shopping complexes in Malaysia but those that I know of are in Berjaya Times Square, One Utama, Wangsa Maju Carrefour (I hope it hasn't close down), Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Carnival Mall Penang.... and uh.. That's all I know of.

*All swatches are made without a base

9-Color Cool Palette: Pretty and sweet icy colors

9-Color Warm Palette: Rustic metal colors

5-Color Silver Smokey Palette: Great for on-the-go silver smokey eyes

5-Color Purple & Blue Palette: For bright fresh looks

5-Color Metallic Brown Palette: For basic natural day looks

5-Color Autumn Palette: Earthy colors for a neutral look


Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Hinode shop is also found in 1 Utama Old Wing!

Eve said...


Anonymous said...

i got the first 9-color palette. the colours are indeed very very metallic.
sometimes i put on the pink and my friends say it looks just like silver.
but its not bad considering its 5 bucks for 9 colours.

Connie said...

Thanks for the location tip, girls.

Anonymous: Yeah, some colors are very metallic and probably better as highlight

Anonymous said...

I purchased these today, thought they would be not so good, but i swatched them in the shop and was like WOW! they are so pigmented, maybe even too pigmented, very soft and moist too. I got the 12 colour which has a selection of brights and some neutral/smokey. they are super shimmery and metallic like no joke, not really suitable for daytime wear but for a night out or costume makeup (that doesn't break the bank) they are well worth the 5 dollars. would definitly recommend! when you swatch the golds and bronze colours they come off like gold leaf and LOOK like metal on the skin, pretty hot! if you ask me haha smooth texture too, definitly wont dry ur skin.

eliza said...

whats the ingredient? o.O
same as coastals scent XD?

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Gosh rm5? I'm so going to Hinode Careffour Wangsa maju this weekend! Thanks Connie for the swatches. I'm still practicing hard on my e/s skills. So cheapo e/shadows are the best practice tools.

stella said...

I was using my Qianyu eyeshadows, and are so good, are good to play with them, are good to make great looks. I love them, tommorow I will go to get more.
Ingredients for eyeshadows are :
mica, talc, titanium dioxide, mineral oil, lanolin, alcohol, methylparaben, propylparaben, kaolin
mfd:11.2008 exp:11:2011
The ingredients for Qianyu blush are the same.
I have get the eyeshadow no. 05 (same like dark blue) and 06 (looks like forest green), net wt:4.1 g and blush: 09 and 10 .I want to put a foto but I don't now how. :)
The ingredients of Coastal Scents for eyeshadows are : Ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide - May contain: Ultramarines, Kaolin, Magnesium Stearate,Rice Powder, Boron Nitride, Magnesium Myristate
I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

hello.i have a question.can i buy this online?i am from romania and i can not find this palette here:( thank you

Anonymous said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this brand of eyeshadow, everyone comments on how bright it looks on my skin and non-flaking. I'm from the Bahamas and the pigments are awesome on a darker complexion!

tahsin said...

can u plzzz tell me from where i can get dis shadowww???


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