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Monday, June 30, 2008

Volume Against Length

Not a very fair fight is it? Both are in different categories so this won't be a comparison review. Just a regular review of Maybelline Volume Express Mascara (~RM23) and Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Mascara (RM50 online).

Read on for comparison pictures and review.

Maybelline Volume Express Waterproof Mascara

My colleague (she spelled my name wrong but that's alright) gave this to me because she preferred the non-waterproof formula. Cosmetics don't really go to waste in my hands unless they're really bad. I've had bad experiences with Maybelline mascaras because the Lash Discovery made my lashes fall off like crazy. Thankfully, this was not the case with this mascara. Typically not a fan of large wands, I found the curved brush to be quite ergonomic and makes it easy to push up the lashes. The formula isn't half bad either! In fact, it's quite good. Within a few swipes, lashes are reasonably thickened and lengthened. I don't think it curls much for me but it definitely holds up the curl and no smudges from this tube. I also like how the brush manages to coat most of my lashes without making a mess. It does clump up the lashes a little when too many layers are applied though. Despite that, I really like this mascara and I'll definitely buy it when this tube dries out.

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Mascara

Add some subtle color to lashes by swiping some colored mascara over the black.

This is a very popular mascara in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong from Majolica Majorca which is a brand by Shiseido. It was so hyped up and I actually spent RM50 on it which is waay waaay a lot more than what I would usually spend on a tube of mascara. I tried my very best to like this mascara as many people raved about it but alas, I could not. It just doesn't make my lashes go "WOW!". It's pretty much mediocre. I dislike the wand even though it's small because I just can't seem to use it properly and I keep stabbing myself in the eye with the wand. The shape just isn't user-friendly for me. As for the effect, not up to par as well. It does not volumize the lashes but it does lengthen in a significantly small amount. The formula is very smooth though which doesn't cause clumpiness when I coat the lashes so this mascara is great for natural looks. But a natural look isn't what I'm looking for! *hmphs* Although it doesn't smudge, it is rather painstaking to remove. Carmen wanted to buy it off me but I wouldn't sell it because the packaging was pretty. Lol. And I enjoy collecting. But it's still so not worth my 50 bucks.

And if by the end of this post you are wondering what is that white gunk on my forehead, it would be clay mask.


Anonymous said...

Yea, the MJ mascara is not as nice as expected! i'm using it too. was so excited when i got it but was disappointed with the result after i applied. Maybelline's is working much better than MJ's !! :( But i still force myself to LOVE the MJ's *sighh*

Chian Li said...

I love that mascara from Maybelline! it held my curls from day to night! I don't have to curl my lashes again during lunch break. Lashes do not become hardened like what Fasio's waterproof volumnizing mascara did to mine! However, Fasio's gave me more volume though.

Connie said...

I have the Fasio 3d mascara thingy. I love that it had a silvery black color and the brush is handy to use but it's just too difficult to come off. I don't have many lashes left :(

Chian Li said...

I have the one in 3D+ air tech series. So far only my artistry remover can remove it pretty efficiently and GENTLY, Fasio's eye makeup remover removes the mascara + my precious lashes :(

Do you use any lash serum? any recommendation?

Connie said...

Artistry's eye makeup remover is by far the best I've ever used but it was getting too expensive and too troublesome to get so I'm using Elianto's which is not too bad.

I've tried Mavala(sp) but it irritated my eyes. I actually have castor oil which I was gonna try but I'm still yet to get an extra spoolie to use it with. lol

Lilcarmen said...

told ya!told ya!..bwahaha..this Maybelline hypercurl wonderfully on's a splendid mascara!already bought 2 of these^^hahahaha
(p/s...SOME ppl lah..i like the wand of majorlica..but SOME ppl lah..die also want to hug it...eventhough the particular SOME ppl lah..don't like it at all..sob..)

Chian Li said...

castor oil?! sounds like something that might clog the pores around the eye >.<

smallice said...

i had used the Fasio hyper-stay mascara and i really love the volume as well as the curl it created on my lashed. Though it is pretty hard to remove it at the end of the day. But i think Boots Botanic Eyes Make Up remover is really working on Fasio mascara. I just bought the MJ Mascara at RM50 (online). I was expected too high on MJ so it really dispointed me on the result. I agreed with Connie, it really good for natural look though it is very much easier to coat on the lashes and no clump at all..

Connie said...

chian li: no worries about castor oil clogging the pores. It should be fine since it's also used as cleansing oils. I'm yet to give it a try though

smallice: I usually prefer mascaras that are easy to remove which is one of the reasons why I love my Clinique LAsh Power mascara so much. It comes right off with warm water.

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