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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Once Upon A Shine...

...there were 4 sheer lip glosses that lived on the shelves of Origins. They were RM48 (I think) each but 3 of them, were triplets of a value buy trio pack. The oldest of them was a gift. For being so sheer, they all have it as their titles. Bronze, Fig, Fruit Punch and Ruby, they were called. Four deliciously minty tubes with sparkles of shimmers for glimmering lips and an alluring smile. All four have magic sponge-tipped wands to smooth on a silky shine without being tacky. The colors are so sweet, perfect for any occasion.

And they all lived happily ever after in Connie's makeup collection.

The End

Yes. Lame. I know. Leave me alone. Lol. Read on for swatches and color descriptions.

L to R: Bronze, Fig, Fruit Punch, Ruby

Sheer Bronze: Brown with bronze shimmers, slightly more opaque than the others. Perfect for toning down reds.
Sheer Fig: Pinkish nude color with smaller bronze shimmers, also slightly more opaque. The only nude gloss that I've ever accepted.
Sheer Fruit Punch: Sheer subtle pink with loosely packed silver shimmers. Great for just a hint of color for natural looks.
Sheer Ruby: Sheer ruby red with loosely packed red shimmers for more color on the lips without drawing too much attention.


NZX said...

wah connie, great cook n great makeup artist too. hebat lar u.

Connie said...

lol. but this hobby you can't benefit from it la :p

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