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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beautilicious Wonder Eyes Instant Eyeshadow

Wonder Eyes Instant Eyeshadow by Beautilicious must be one of the funkiest makeup products that I've ever seen. Remember those Ninja Turtle transfer tattoos that we used to get in our Mammee Monster? It's kinda like that but it transfers eyeshadow instead!

This was made for those who are inexperienced with applying eyeshadows and for ladies on the go with not much time (but with some money since it's a whopping RM12.90 for a pair of eyeshadow transfer) to apply make up. They also come in boxes of 3 pairs and 5 pairs which are slightly cheaper than only getting 1. There's a variety of color combinations as well. Each pair of eyeshadows are individually packed. The box comes with step by step instructions on how to use the product. The idea of it is a pre-shaped sponged with an arrangement of eyeshadow colors on it which you transfer onto your eyelids and then blend.

I was utterly intrigued by this so I bought me a pair to try out just to know what it's like (The things I do for this blog!). I've been reluctant to actually use this since I've bought it over a month ago because I was afraid that it was gonna look ugly because it did not look very promising.

Let's go through the process together! Read on for review and more pictures.

First, place the pre-shaped sponge on closed lids. Press the eyshadow on for about 5 seconds. Then, slide the sponge out revealing the eyeshadow placed onto the lids. Use the back of the sponge to blend.

It didn't turn out pretty, did it? Lol. Yes, I've wasted RM12.90. If it looked spectacular I'd probably wouldn't mind paying that much. I must admit that the eyeshadow colors are well pigmented but this concept really isn't for everyone as everyone has different eye shapes. The color placements are all the same which doesn't give much variation. The sponge isn't ideal for blending either and this doesn't leave room for overblending (which I did) because you won't be able to add more shadow. You'd still have to add on eyeliner and mascara to complete the look so I'd advise either going without eyeshadow or learn how to apply eyeshadow. It's more economical and it'll most probably look better.

Beautilicious is a new Malaysian cosmetic brand which adapts the style of Stila and Benefit in their cosmetic line. The prices are of pharmacy standard and some of the packagings are pretty cute. I'm not put off by their products just yet though. I'll definitely try out some other of their products. The eyeshadow pans look promising. The makeup kits are pretty intriguing but a tad too much for me to pay just to try it.

You can check out their super adorable webbie:

Available at selected Watsons and Beautilicious counters.


digie said...

that product i've seen it in Oprah b4. There's this inventing competition but the lady didn't win it. i bought an eyeshadow from this brand. Not bad, the texture is quite smooth and fine.

Connie said...

Yeah, it should be the same as eyemajic which was formulated in Australia. It's also written on the Beautilicious box that the eyeshadows were formulated in Australia but made in Thailand.

It may be more suitable for classic Caucasian eyes I guess. And it should take awhile to get the hang of using the strips so it'd probably take a few tries to eventually get it right. lol

prettybeautiful said...

i think this is not really for asian also. the shape of the patch somehow seems too big for usual day make up. most of all, it is pricey!

Lilcarmen said...

lol..luckily i din't buy need to be guinea pig..=P..btw..the color is not that bad lah..just not that ...erm...appeallling?

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