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Friday, June 27, 2008

#2 Silver Smokey Eyes Tutorial

This is a tutorial requested by Chuin Ling aka Hinale. She wanted something that looked like Hilary Duff's (I think that's Hilary Duff. That's Hilary Duff right?) silvery smokey eyes. Um... it looks similar to the previous silvery smokey tutorial that I did only I used different techniques and shape. So yeah. There you go!

Items Used:

Indelible Cream Eyeshadow in Bare Necessity
Missha Cream Eyeshadow Stick in White
88-Color Palette (I used the off white, the shimmery silver and the shimmery grey)
Origins Eyeshadow in Glistening Granite
Kate Gel Eyeliner in BK-2
Bloop Eyeliner Pencil in Black
Maybelline Volume Express Mascara

The colors are not labelled so I circled (in red, obviously) the colors that I've used for this look. The black, although very pigmented, is without shimmer so I didn't use the black from this palette.

Prep lids with a base. Apply pearly white cream eyeshadow according to the shape that you want it including the lower lashline. Next, apply a shimmery silver shadow on the inner half of the lids with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

After that, apply a shimmery grey shadow on the other half of the lid and on the lower lash line. Blend out the shadow.

Get some shimmery dark grey or black shadow on your small contour brush.

Simply place the color onto the outer-V of the lid. With the same brush, blend the color out and into the crease. Further blend any harsh lines with your eyeshadow brush.

Smudge some black on the outer lower lash line as well. Apply highlight color onto the browbone. I'd prefer a highlight that's not too shimmery so that it doesn't look overpowering. Blend everything together until you get a softer look. Line eyes thinly with black gel eyeliner.

Line the lower lash line as well. Tightline with a black eyeliner pencil. Curl your lashes and finish off with mascara. Done!


Hayley said...

wow Connie...this is a good post!!
i tried something similar b4 but the results wasnt good enuff. but ur post helps alot in improving my skill ! thx ;)

Eve la the one kennot makeup said...

i love this wei =)

Connie said...

hayley: thanks :) glad to be of help.

eve: how I know wor. I thought you got your blogger profile d. lol

Jess said...

This is SOOooOOoooOoo HAAWWWWTTTT!!!! Love the look.. so... RAWRRRrrrrKKK.. really gives the feeling.. :D

prettybeautiful said...

nice tip babe! One thing trouble me about having small eyes is, regardless how much shadow, or eye liner i use, they just dont look as good as other big eye girls :(

Connie said...

Thanks :) I guess we just gotta make do with what with have. And it would take a few tries and practice to discover looks that best compliment your eyes. It's hard to achieve identical looks as those with naturally big eyes so we'll just forget about that. lol. Falsies make alot of difference in making eyes pop though. But too painstaking for me.

Anonymous said...

You need to do your eyebrows. The look is incomplete and awkward without it.

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<3 Connie

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