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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Skineeds Vs Ginvera

In one of my earlier posts I’ve reviewed Ginvera’s Marvel Gel which was in fact not at all “marvelous” compared to Skineeds Acne Moderator: SuperGel Blackhead Remover from Just to refresh, the gel uses salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells. It does not immediately removes the blackheads but having the tough outer layer removed makes it easier for blackheads to be drawn out when deep cleansing. I’ve done a “tape test” which will compare the before and after of using both Ginvera and Skineeds to show that Skineeds removes dead skin cells more effectively.

The Skineeds is only RM6 and I really really like it because my skin feels really clean and soft without drying and it helps to keep my blackheads at bay when I rub regularly especially on my nose area. It's rather hard for me to spot this at pharmacies nowadays so I get it directly from the website itself. There's one for normal condition and one for more serious condition. I prefer the one for serious condition but if your skin can get very dry and peel, I would suggest that you go for the normal condition gel.

Step 1: Equal blobs were applied.

Step 2: Both blob were rubbed with similar pressure and duration. More "residues" from Skineeds.

Step 3: The tape test results. The top is the before test. The bottom left is Ginvera and bottom right is Skineeds. The tape result for Skineeds shows that more dead were removed which will result in clearer looking skin.


yellowbanana said...


Thx for the photoshoot... love your make-up skill... ;)

Connie said...

come come I stick back with elephant glue. lol.

thanks to you guys too for giving me the chance. can't wait to see all the pics and choose some to blog here. hee.

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