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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Silver Smokey Eyes Tutorial -- With Tape!

I know, it's been a long time since I've posted a tutorial (or any posts for that matter) and finally, I have time to do this. I'm trying to do it with a tape again but I'm not quite satisfied with the angle and I think when using tape, it's hard to adjust the angle after you've done everything. Also, please excuse my lack of pictures for the liner steps because my camera ran out of batteries and I had to charge them.

You may notice that I already have mascara on. Well, I had it on since last night and I was too lazy to remove it. Please do not condone in this bad habit. And I'm really upset because I've lost my favourite small eye contour brush.

Items Used:

  1. Indelible Cream Eyeshadow in Bare Necessity
  2. Hard Candy black base
  3. MAD Pigments in Wedding
  4. Secretsummer Pigments in Softwash Grey (it's the only silver I have apparently)
  5. Secretsummer Pigments in Dark Soul
  6. Kate Gel Eyeliner in BK-2
  7. SaSa White Eyeliner
  8. Clinique Lash Power Mascara

These are the brushes that I've used. Just a few. I'm too lazy and most of my brushes are dirty.

Start off with a fresh canvas (although I've already had mascara on, this is not recommended). Apply cream eyeshadow as a primer all over the lids. Fix on the sticky tape. Use the lower lash line curve as a guide but I wasn't all that satisfied with the shape that I got eventually. Apply the black base on the outer half of the lid.

Take the small contour brush (I'm using a sub which is nowhere near as good as my missing one *sobs*) and apply Wedding on the inner corner of the lids. Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, sweep Softwash Grey all over the remaining lid. Blend the color into the crease.

Using the same brush as before, apply Dark Soul on where the black base is towards the tape line and blend it into the outer crease. Sweep on more Softwash Grey to blend the separation lines. Blend blend blend.

Using my new Bobbi Brown eye contour brush (the most expensive brush I've ever bought which is quite good but not exactly similar to the long handled one that I've initially fell for) to apply Wedding under the brow bone and to further blend the top lines. After you're satisfied with your blending, peel off the tape.

This is when my camera ran out of batteries. To finish the look, apply gel eyeliner creating a wing and extending the liner to the lower lash line. Pat on some Dark Soul on the gel liner on the lower lash line and some Soft Wash Grey to the rest of the lower lash line. Line the lower rim of the eyes with a pearly white eyeliner pencil. Curl lashes and apply mascara.



cheeeezie said...

SEXY!! i gotta try that sticky tape trick someday esp when i'm playing with pigments. i keep getting fall outs all over my face & i end up looking all sparkly. -_-

Connie said...

I know how some people do that loose powder under the eyes thing but I'm too cheap to waste any of my loose powder so usually I pack on the colors first before blending. And also when I pick up pigments I usually sweep from the lid or from the sides of the bag so I only pick up the residues and not a whole lot of pigments. One of the reasons why my 1/4 teaspoon pigs can never finish. lol.

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<3 Connie

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