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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Of Fringes and Preciousness

I’ve been hearing quite a lot about KATE’s Mascara Base (Retail Price: RM29.90) and given the opportunity of getting it as a gift with purchase, I “persuaded” myself to get a KATE Lip Gloss just so I can get the mascara base for free! Excuse me, but I’m a typical Malaysian. We pay for free stuff. Ironic isn’t it? Anyways, I was rather to psyched to finally be able to try this mascara base out. I’ll be comparing it to another mascara base that I have which is from Missha (Online Price: RM16).

Pictures speak a thousand words indeed.

KATE did nothing for my lashes. It wasn’t an extra step worth taking. The only good thing about it is probably that the formula dries somewhat clear so that when you coat your mascara unevenly you won’t see white bits. Other than that, I’m probably gonna chuck this aside or sell it or something *starts looking for buyers*

Missha’s mascara base really stood out by increasing volume and length to the lashes. This is a good base to save mascaras that just wouldn’t work (eg. my Kleancolor mascara). It does curl the lashes a little bit but nothing too dramatic. I usually use this base to enhance my L’Chear Mascara although I don’t really reach for it as much as I almost always prefer to use my Clinique Lash Power Mascara (HOLY GRAIL!!).

Speaking of my Clinique Lash Power Mascara, I officially own a full-sized tube! All this while I’ve been using 2 sample tubes for about 2 years and it’s getting pretty dry in there. I traded for Clinique Lash Power with a Kate mascara. This is my all time favorite daily mascara and nobody really knows why. It doesn’t give amazing lengths or volume or curl and it isn’t all that dramatic thus not many are convinced. Nevertheless, I love this mascara for many reasons:

  • I don’t have to apply 10,000 coats to get the effect that I’m satisfied with
  • The formula doesn’t clump up my lashes or smudge
  • My lashes are not weighed down even if I don’t curl
  • The wand is perfectly shaped for me that I very seldom get boo-boos
  • The tiny wand makes it so easy to coat lashes that are in the inner corner of the eyes and lower lashes
  • The color is Onyx Black which is quite a dark black but it gives a kind of iridescent sheen giving the lashes like a 3D effect
  • The formula doesn’t irritate my eyes (trust me, many others do)
  • I can wash this off even if I don’t have a makeup remover with me because it comes off with warm water
  • It doesn’t make my lashes fall off (Damn you Maybelline!)
  • The tube doesn’t dry up after less than 5 months like most mascaras do. In fact I think the mascara gives a better effect when it’s slightly dried up

10 reasons enough? But then again, make-up is very personal. It may not work for everyone. Always keep that in mind.

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makeupnoob said...

where is the promo of free kate mascara base?
btw, i dunno which pic is kate's and Missha?

Connie said...

Watson's but I don't think they have that promo anymore. The one with a more dramatic effect is with Missha Base which is the left side.

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