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Monday, May 12, 2008

Glowing Skin In A Bottle

M.A.C. has a popular product called Fix+ which "adds radiance and finishes makeup". Basically, it's a glycerin + water spray which is used to "set" your makeup to take away the powdery look from your foundation, give skin a dewy glow, help makeup stay on longer and hydrate the skin.

Since I can never bring myself to buy M.A.C. products, I thought I'd try my hands at making my own finishing spray scented with lavender essential oil. It's very easy to make and I'm totally in love this. It gave my skin an all-day dewy look. To use this, just spray on face and pat lightly as the last touch for your makeup.

Here's how you make it!

You'll need:

  1. Water (you can use Evian if you want it to be more luxurious)
  2. Glycerin
  3. Lavender Pure Essential Oil (you may also use Rose, Peppermint or whatever scent you prefer)
  4. Spray bottle with a fine mist

First, you fill up your spray bottle with water, leaving 1/4 or so of volume left. Fill in the remaining of the bottle with glycerin. Add in about 10 drops of essential oil. Screw on the cap and shake well. Done!
This formula is for those with dry skin, like mine. If you have oily skin, use more water and less glycerin. Remember to shake before every usage. You shouldn't keep this mixture for more than a month as it doesn't contain any preservatives.

Ratio of Water:Glycerin

Dry Skin -- 4:1
Normal Skin -- 6:1
Oily Skin -- 8:1

Try it for yourself!


athena said... wondering where i can buy d glycerin and what is the amount of d glycerin i should put equivalent to d water?


Jade Dancinginthe Moonlight said...

What is glycerin? Where to get it?
And how much water and how much glycerin to put in??

cheeeezie said...

that's such an awesome idea! :D

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

I love using this mixture as a mixing medium with pigments too. :)

Connie said...

athena and juayn: Try looking in pharmacies. I'll post up the ratio in a few minutes.

Cheezie: thanks!

christiana: yeah, I love using mixing medium with pigments too. just so pretty

Krystle said...

Thank you for the alternative! How did you come up with the water:glycerin ratios?

Connie said...

you're welcome!
the ratios were purely made up based on the guide that more glycerin should be added if your skin is dry and vice versa

prettybeautiful said...

js found this post and i am tempted to DIY this myself now (with the apple cider toner still on the waiting list). btw, where to get the lavendar essential oil? just any brand will do?

Connie said...

I got my Lavendar Oil from for RM6 but basically any essential oils would work but I'd go for those 100% ones. Good luck! :)

sue said...

i can't get glycerin....
can you show a picture of it? and why did you get it?

sherren said...

How much did u bought the glycerin? Thanks~

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<3 Connie

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