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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Eyebrow Threading

As you may or may not have noticed, I've been having horrendous as I've been growing them out so that I can get them properly done.

I decided to try eyebrow threading which is a hair removal technique originated from India, using thread to remove facial hair by kinda twisting the hair out. I've seen many people do this and they get really nice shapes that are really clean as compared to shaving that normally leaves harsh bristles.

This was my first experience. I got this done at a Punjabi beauty salon called Jes Fashion & Beauty (I think). It's in Semenyih but this service is also available in many other places. I initially wanted to get this done in Bangsar. I paid RM5 for the service.

The procedure was about 15 minutes or so. It stung a little bit but it wasn't horrifyingly painful. As in I twitched, but that's about it. It's usually more painful when I pluck my own eyebrows. But then again, everyone has a different pain tolerance.

I think that it came out a little too thin than what I like but it should look fine once I fill them in. I'll definitely go back to threading to get my brows done

So, if you need to get your brows done, you can give threading a try. Below are my own before and after pictures.

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jess said...

:( i want my eyebrows done too..... >.<

Connie said...

next week take u go k?

Anonymous said...

she looks like she took too much off??

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