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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shouldn't I Be Studying?

The answer is most definitely "YES" but I'm far too lazy to hit the books unless it involves me literally hitting the books or throwing them out the window or burning them... Therefore, to channel my anger into something productive, I did these! Not too fond of the looks because I couldn't get the colors as how I wanted them for the first look and as for the 2nd look, it was done half-heartedly while watching Gossip Girl. I apologize for the mess.

I would like to officially announce that I have successfully applied LIQUID LINER! Be shocked. Be very shocked. This is the beginning of a whole new world. The world where Connie would survive if she was held hostage by terrorists, waiting in line to get herself shot in the head and the only way to escape was, for some reason, to apply liquid liner. She would survive.

Now that I'm done being lame, these are the looks! Top row without flash. Bottom row with flash.

Items Used (Full Pigments Unless Stated Otherwise):

- Mixing Medium
- NYX in Pearl used wet as base
- MAD in Black Cherry on crease
- Secretsummer in Plum over Black Cherry
- Secretsummer in Mauved Pink above crease
- MAD in Camisole above Mauved Pink
- Secretsummer in Old Gold on lid
- Sweetscents in Orchids and Diamonds on lower lash line
- Stila Eyeshadow in Champagne as highlight
- Indelible Gel Eyeliner in Black Cherry
- Giorgio Armani Eye Pencil in Black
- L'Chear Mascara

Items Used:

Purple Glitz Eyeshadow Palette: I used the
- Red (Lid and layered over Black),
- Black (Crease) and the
- Light Yellow (Highlight)
- Giorgio Armani Eye Pencil in Black
- Elianto Liquid Eye Liner in Black (OMG!!)
- Kleancolor Silver Eye Pencil
- I forgot the mascara


Mz-Barbiie♥xo said...

Gorgeous + Stunning!

yummy411 said...

i lurrrrrrvvve the first one and i love what you do with your liners!

jess said...

too many mascaras u hav.. that's why u forgotten..


Connie said...

Thanks everyone!

yeah, I probably do have waay too many mascaras. *sighs*

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<3 Connie

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