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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

At Last!! It's Over!!

I just noticed that I like to "shout" on my post titles. Hmm... So, anyways, I'm finally done with my exams but just a few days before my last paper I did manged to get pictures for a really huge post. I'll probably separate the posts but they're directly linked.

I'll be showing how to use liquid foundation with a stippling brush (AKA skunk brush) and applying stick foundation with a kabuki brush. I've also applied my blush, first in 3 in 1 stick and then mousse, with my kabuki.

I've done a tutorial on a natural day makeup that I'm currently really digging using my NYX Golden Eyeshadow. I'll have the reviews on some of the products that I've used in this tutorial in the next post as well.

There are A LOT of pictures and since I'm still unable to handle my camera's lighting in natural light and I got lazy of editing all the photos, the colors may be a tad mix matched. *sorry!* Also, please view the pictures left to right, top to bottom. Thank you!!

Let's get started then!

L.A. Colors Liquid Makeup With Malian Stippling Brush

Get a dallop of liquid foundation on the back of your hand or on a petri dish. Tap the surface of the brush on the foundation until you get a well-distributed amount on the brush.

Tap or "stipple" the foundation evenly onto the skin. Stipple on more foundation in areas where you want more coverage. Next, buff the foundation by working the brush in circular motions. Keep at this until you get an even and smooth finish.

Amuse Foundation Stick With BunBunCity Kabuki Brush

Draw on foundation where you need it. I like the albino tiger stripes. Then, grab (yes, grab!) your kabuki brush and just buff buff buff. Add more foundation if you need to.

(please excuse my icky eczema-ed lips)

Princessa 3 in 1 Jumbo Pencil With Kabuki Brush

Draw on tribal stripes across the cheeks. Buff!

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush With Kabuki Brush

Swipe on some mousse blush and then buff, once again, with the kabuki.

Averine Loose Powder
Shu Uemura Highlighter (Cheeks)

Dust entire face with a layer of loose powder to set the foundation and blush.
You can highlight your cheekbones to make them look more prominent. Just swipe some highlighter directly above the cheeks where the cheekbones are blending upwards.

Shu Uemura Highlighter (Nose)

For a seemingly narrower and sharper nose, swipe some highlight along the bridge of the nose. Note the word "seemingly".

Shu Uemura Highlighter (Eyebrow)

Finally, highlight above the brow bones to make them more prominent.


心。葵 said...

may i know whether the malian stippling brush good? where did u bought it? :D

and the kabuki brush, can i use it with loose powder/pressed powder?

thanks ya!

Connie said...

I bought the Malian brush from Chamelon, KLCC.

As for the kabuki brush, yes, you can use it as a powder brush.

Christine said...

how much you bought that malian stippling brush ?

Connie said...

Christine: I bought the Malian brush for RM12.90

electronicfly said...

Babe, heads up. There's a webbie that stole your (and many other's) post.

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