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Monday, April 21, 2008

Abducted By The Hairless Martian

Many of you may be wondering where I've disappeared to since I usually have updates everyday. Well, I have been abducted by a hairless Martian. I am still at the motherbase (at least that's what I think an alien's HQ is called) but I have managed to obtain access to communication while the Martian is in combat. I shall be returning very soon as I have been granted a safe return to home due to official duties that are required to be fulfilled back home. Also, anticipate further absence due to my attendance to those duties. I shall be back in contact very soon.

In other words,

I've been staying at my boyfriend's place and it's practically impossible to do girl stuff when guys are around. I'll be going home soon for my final exams which ends on the 29th of April but I'll still try my best to find time to squeeze in a few posts. After my exams I'll have my semester break for a month so you can definitely expect many many posts then! In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of the blog and leave me any comments and requests for the blog.

Thank you very much for your support. With lots of love!


Lilcarmen said...

lol...Hairless Martian?from the word 'hairless'..I already know u r mentioning about andrew..hahahahahaha* combat with is Xbox huh?=P...btw...see you tomorrow ya!mwahs mwahs..and we are going to have REAL fun on 24th and 26th..^^

TAG said...
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