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Friday, March 28, 2008

Urban Decay Primer Potion

By our guest blogger... lilcarmen

Ok, this is just a personal review of mine. So, as you can see above, this is the legendary famous Urban Decay Primer Potion. For those who don’t know what UDPP is, it is an eye base which is from the US. This is also my first eye base but UDPP does live up to its claims. It made my eyeshadow stay vibrant whole day which was practically 10-12 hrs. It does not crease my eyeshadow AT ALL. It made my eyeshadow look as if they were freshly applied even after 10 hours.

UDPP dries fast after u apply them on your lids. You’ll only need a small amount on each lid so a tube of UDPP can lasts very long. Even though the design of the bottle was kinda frustrating but you can try to cut the tube into half after you can’t get anymore of it from the usual way and I guarantee you that you’ll find a surprisingly amount of the UDPP in the tube. winks*.Too bad, you can’t find UDPP in Malaysia so if you really wanted one, try to order from the sgdrugstore of I got mine for RM75.90, I know it is expensive but it’s worth it, especially to the ones who have really oily lids.

*p/s with this UDPP, you can save on your eyeshadows, I’m sure the more economical and cheap ones will stayed on the lids nicely with a little help from this base.=)

Just to add, this is a picture of my eye make-up using Secretsummer's pigments with UDPP.... after being drenched in extremely heavy rain!


yummy411 said...

i'm glad you've finally got your hands on some udpp! it's my world of possibilities! mac's paint pots would crease on me. then i decided to try it over my udpp and voila! it worked! love this stuff. though if you are trying to do a soft look and blend with precision, udpp makes that difficult unless you use something over udpp before applying your soft blended colors, like concealer or something. just thought i'd share!

Connie said...

thanks for the tip! I'm still so unwilling to fork out the cash for a UDPP. I still need to personally try it.

Carmen... you know what to do :p

Lilcarmen said...

=)..thanks for sharing ya..tee hee hee.udpp is really so amazing.glad that I found it..haha.^^

*p/s..I know what to do..dun put pigments or shadows on mon..come to college and try it..=P

Anonymous said...

that price is ridiculous! i just got mine from my visit to uk for 11 pounds - about rm55 only! yikes. it IS really good, i even use this when i'm just using eyeliner, it helps the eyeliner stay on and my eyelids don't get all icky shiny

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