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Monday, March 17, 2008

D.I.Y. Eyeshadow Trio Palette

I found a pretty swanky HSBC name card holder lying around at home and so I decided that it'd be perfect as an on-the-go eye palette.

OK, before you do this you'll have to de-pan your eyeshadows first if they're in a case. You can heat up the bottom of the pan and pry the eyeshadow pan off but that's a whole other thing! You must also make sure that your eyeshadow pan can stick on the magnet. If it doesn't cut out a piece of magnet and stick it on the bottom of the pan first.

Here's what you need:
- Eye shadow in pans
- Magnetic rubber sheet
- Scissors
- Double-sided tape
- Ruler and pen
- Name card holder
- Label stickers


  1. Measure the size of the name card holder to determine how much of the magnet sheet that you need to cut out
  2. After cutting out, stick down the sheet onto the card holder with double-sided tape. Make sure you have the magnetic side up
  3. Arrange the eye shadow pans onto the magnetic sheet and ta-da! You have yourself an eye shadow palette
  4. You can stick label stickers on the inner top part or if you can find a tiny mirror, you can stick that on instead if it fits
  5. Finally, decorate your new palette as you like it. I skipped this step because I'm lazy

I'm gonna do this with a CD case as well. Same concept. Will show pictures when I finally get to doing them.


mann said...

What's a magnetic rubber sheet? And where can i get one?

Connie said...

It's basically a flexible sheet of magnet. Sorta like a flat fridge magnet. I got mine at a stationery store or you can also find them in arts and craft stores. Where's your location?

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