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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Aww.. You're making me blush...

Blushers bring life to the face. They give that healthy look with good blood circulation. They can also help the cheeks look more contoured for slimmer-looking features. Applying blushers isn't always just a simple task since over-applying blushers may make you look like you have a horrible rash and not blending well gives a very unnatural look.

What we're gonna try to achieve with blushers is a healthy flush that looks natural and help enhance the cheeks. So here's a tutorial on applying powder blush as well as liquid blushers.

Powder Blush

So here's an un-blushed cheek and where we're gonna put a shimmering blush to bring out the cheekbones (I prefer a bronze color) and a pinkish blush on the apples.

  • Do a kissy face if you can't see your cheekbones clearly
  • Use your blush brush to apply a shimmering blush along the cheekbone

  • Then, apply a pinkish blush on the apples of the cheek
  • To find the apples, smile and you'll find two little balls at the front of your cheek
  • Don't forget to brush on some blush on your T-zone which is your forehead, nose and chin; for a more natural look
  • Buff harsh lines in circular motion by using a kabuki brush or powder brush

And we're done!

Liquid/Cream Blush & Cheek Stain

  • Dot on your blush on the apples extending a little to the cheek bone
  • For cheek stains, I recommend only dotting on the apples
  • Blend well upwards along the cheek bone and make sure you don't get any harsh lines. Work quickly with cheek stains
  • For cream and liquid blushers, you may also use a sponge to blend

And the effect...

Happy Blushing!


yummy411 said...

great post!

in the top pics it seems that you are using a badger brush. would that be from crown? can you share more info about the brush and what you think of it?

Connie said...

According to the seller, the brush that I'm using is made out of pony hair and it's made in Taiwan. It came in a set of 7 travel size brushes actually. They're not too bad at the moment. Soft but has some fallout.

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