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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Artist Brush = Make-up Brush

Make-up brushes can be quite expensive at times but there are substitutes for them that are much much much cheaper and work just as well -- artist brushes. I currently have 4 artist brushes that I use for applying make-up and love very much. They're very handy and more importantly, cheap! I'm still on the hunt for some less easily available artist brushes.

From the left:
  1. Round nylon brush #0 aka liner brush (RM1) - this is just the perfect eye liner brush for applying wet eyeshadow as well as liquid liner
  2. Round nylon brush #1 aka liner brush (RM0.75) - just like #0 but creates a thicker more dramatic line
  3. Round top goat hair brush #4 aka mop cut brush (RM3) - my new addition. I use this to apply eye shadow as well as blend them
  4. Round top goat hair brush #6 aka mop cut brush (RM3.40) - great for blending eyeshadow and applying highlight color. Also used for applying to powder on under eye
*Prices may vary according to quality, brand and store.

I'm looking into getting more sizes of the mop cut brushes so that I can use them as a corner blender brush as well as a cheek highlight brush.

Other brushes that would be easy to come by would be the flat eye liner brush, angled liner brush and fan tail brush.


Lilcarmen said...

told you,I'm not the only reader..bwahahaha*..

Connie said...

hahaha. you better contribute those lip balm reviews!

Anonymous said...

hi, may i noe wher u get those brushes? they semms nice =)

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