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Friday, February 29, 2008

Hide The Truth : Concealing Dark Circles

Being one of the most common flaw for many many people, dark eye circles can be an absolute pain to conceal. Not concealing your dark eye circles properly can lead to accentuated fine lines, patchiness, flakiness and anti-raccoon eyes (white eye circles). In this post, I'll be sharing just a simple technique for concealing dark eye circles that looks natural even without a foundation to match.

These would be the stuff that I'll be using:
  1. Missha The Style Perfect Concealer
  2. Giorgio Armani UV Silk Powder
  3. A size 6 mop cut brush

Step 1:
Moisturize your under eye area with an eye cream/gel or a plain ol' moisturizer. Leave it to settle for a few minutes.

Step 2:

Dab on concealer directly where the shadows are only. You can dab some excess on the lighter area. Do this with either your finger or a concealer brush. Don't slap on too much concealer on the entire area to avoid anti-raccoon eyes.

Step 3:

Sweep the concealer that you've dabbed on over the affected area. You can also do this with your finger or a brush.

Step 4:

Use your ring finger and lightly pat the concealed area until you no longer see a visible color difference line between the concealer and your own skin as well as brush lines. I always recommend using the finger to pat because our finger has warmth which helps to warm up the concealer so that it settles in more naturally on the skin.

Step 5:

Finally, set the concealer by puffing on some powder on the concealed area with a mop brush or any other brushes that would be appropriate. You can use a powder foundation for additional coverage or loose powder.

And you're done! You can finish off by sweeping some powder over the entire face for a natural look. If you'd like to use a foundation, I would recommend applying your foundation first then only apply the concealer.


and after.


Anonymous said...

heyy what shade do you use for your missha concealer? :)

Connie said...

I forgot actually. They only have two shades. I'm using the darker one.

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