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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Skin Deco Has Moved!

Skin Deco has officially moved! The website's the same, but now on a completely new platform!

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Skin Deco Is Moving! will be moving to a whole new site but the name remains. The posts you see here will not be transferred to the new site but they're still available for browsing on this site ( Adjustments on this site and setting up on the new site are still being made. Your patience is much appreciated and I look forward to seeing you at the new site when it's officially launched!
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hello Stranger

Hi. It's been a while. This time a lot longer than ever before. 4 months, to be exact. Why didn't I give any notice? To be honest, I didn't think I'd be gone this long.

Well, it wasn't as if I had fallen off the face of the earth. For those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@smellyocheese), you'd more or less know what I've been up to.

This isn't exactly a comeback post nor am I saying goodbye. I know I want to continue blogging and  I apologize on the disappearing act but I really can't say when I'll truly be back.

After the longest time I decided to open my blog today and that was when I came across one of my "About Me" posts. Many things have changed and yet some remained the same.

Here are 15 facts about me now to keep you up to speed...

1 -- Meet M (Yes, the letter "M"). She lives with me and is lovable in so many ways. I have a feeling that she likes me too.

2 -- I gave up on all my other pets so M gets all the attention.

3 -- We live together in an apartment. Finally, I can come back to a home and not a mere room.
4 -- I've decided to not live in clutter anymore.
5 -- I'm starting to discover new realms of shopping from furnishing my apartment.
6 -- For the first time, I painted walls from start to finish all by myself. 

7 -- I've acquired a new financial commitment.
8 -- Thank goodness for the new job that helps to pay for it.
9 -- While I'm no longer clueless of my current position, I'm not still not sure which direction I want to head towards.

10 -- But if there's one thing I'm sure about, is making things right again with my family. I have been distant for far too long.

11 -- Back in June, I joined my first run and finished the 10km category within 75 minutes after 4 months of training.

12 -- By adopting healthier eating habits and exercising, I've lost 15kg in 6 months. I'm no longer trying to lose more weight.
13 -- Unfortunately, losing my cheeks made me look "sickly" so I'm now trying to figure out how to counter that. Suggestions?
14 -- I haven't fallen out of love with makeup and cosmetics but I've been using mainly staples.

15 -- I'm in love.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

What's In a Beauty Box?

To quote Forrest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get"

Let's be honest -- surprises are fun! The anticipation and excitement of not knowing what to expect. Then, there's hope of something good and worry of the undesirables...

So, if I am to open up a mystery box of beauty goodies, here are 5 things that I'd be thrilled to find.

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#1: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate 
When someone compliments my skin and asks what I use, I tell them I use the Kiehl's MRC. Second to my cleanser, it's the only skin care product that I use diligently. On days when I'm just too tired to be bother, I'd just wash my face and slap on 3 drops of this oil. While I can't be certain that this is my secret to good skin, it must be doing something right to keep my skin worry-free!

#2: Hada Labo Tamagohada Cleanser 
Used the first tube until it split open and already halfway through my 2nd tube. This cleanser is a must for me on makeup days. I am certain that this cleanser is the reason why the facial therapist couldn't find much gunk to squeeze out of my face.

 #3: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat 
This is the only top coat that can give me the confidence to paint my nails just 30 minutes before bed. It dries almost immediately and I no longer have to live with smears and hair patterns on my freshly painted nails.

 #4: Shu Uemura Hard 9 Formula Eyebrow Pencil 
I may own almost a thousand eyeshadows but I'll only ever need ONE eyebrow pencil.

 #5: Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Mask 
Just because my skin is mostly clear doesn't mean that it doesn't rebel against me. At times of flared-up itchy and flaky eczema, this is my go-to mask to calm everything down.  

Check out what my blogging ladies would like to find in their beauty boxes!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Fit: Part 1 -- Finding Motivation to Eat Healthy

Finding the motivation to lose weight is a piece of cake. You know, the moment when you've gorged down a large piece of cake packed with cream and icing...
Then, the pang of guilt hits and your self-esteem goes down the drain because you can't believe how little self-control you have.

Once and for all, you want to change your diet and start exercising. Or some other similar experiences. You get the picture.

Now, the toughest part is actually staying motivated to continuously eat well and exercise. Here's how I do it with the food!

Before we go any further, we'll need to realign the mindset. Here are a few things that you need to understand and digest before attempting to do anything because if you don't, you'll forever be "struggling":

  • You will not lose weight overnight.
  • Changing into this new lifestyle should be gradual and so should your weight-loss. There is no short cut.
  • Unless you're willing to be very disciplined, don't set a model or athlete's body as your benchmark.
  • Don't be fooled by the 101 types of diet food, supplements, beverages and pills. Forget about slimming creams, stockings, shoes and corsets as well. 
The "secret" to losing weight is basically having healthy eating habits and regular exercise. When done properly, the results will show. More importantly, this is a lifestyle change and not just something you do for a certain period of time.

I find it highly unusual when people ask me if I'm going to stop eating healthy and exercising since I've already lost weight. Well, that's how you reverse all the hard work and go back to point A. Even though I've adjusted to my new lifestyle, I admit that falling into old habits can be easy if I do not keep up with the discipline.

Here are a few ways how I keep myself motivated to maintain my new lifestyle.

Motivation to Eat Healthy

Snack Consciously

I'm big on munching and I used to have a tendency to munch anything in sight. It wasn't because I was hungry... mostly out of boredom. The first thing I did to counter this habit was to drink water. So, whenever I felt like munching, I'd drink a good half a bottle of water and then decide again if I felt like a munch.

I'd also allocate snack time in the afternoon so that I'll have something to look forward to. Preparing my snack beforehand helps to prevent me from reaching out for the random biscuits and junk food we have around the office. I have a tub of pitted prunes and a packet of dried figs in the fridge for "emergency cases" but I would usually have a piece of guava or a banana (sometimes I nuke it in the micro turn it into dessert!) with a cup of tea. I also have a jar of homemade trail mix which consists of soy beans, chickpeas and lotus seeds (lower calorie options compared to nuts).

At home, I have frozen fruits (blueberries, mango & banana) to pop into my mouth whenever I pass by the fridge and feel the need to eat something. It will also help a lot if you keep your workstation or kitchen free from unhealthy snacks such as candy, cookies, chips and the like.

Make Healthier Choices

Eating out is one of my biggest challenges because "healthy" options usually come in the form of sandwiches or salads (usually overpriced) while unhealthy foods are aplenty.

On weekdays, when I have to eat out I'll simply have to keep in mind to cut back on the rice or noodles and avoid fried or oily dishes. With healthy options being so limited, I've taken to cooking my own food. At least 3 times a week, I would bring my own lunch to work. I cook up a variety dishes but basically I'd have a balance of protein (from eggs and meat), carbs (millet, quinoa, buckwheat pasta or sweet potato) and veggies. So, while my colleagues eat a McChicken, I'll be eating out of my lunch box.

Not to boast but I take pride in my healthy cooking because I put in the effort to make it taste good. I've posted a few pictures of dishes that I'd make and if you follow me on Instagram (@smellyocheese), I frequently post up what I eat. Ingredients I incorporate to make my dishes flavorful include garlic, onion, bell peppers, cayenne pepper, chili and dried herbs. I recently discovered this ingredient called "Nutritional Yeast", which can be found in the organic section of major supermarkets, that adds a nutty/cheesy flavor to my stir-fry, eggs and pasta sauces. It's a good source for vitamin B12 too!

Eating healthy should be done regularly and not just an occasional thing. A lot of people make the mistake of strictly "dieting" for a few days or a week before they fall back into unhealthy eating habits. And then they wonder why they haven't lost any weight! Eating healthily on a regular basis means that I can pig out on the unhealthy food over the weekend without fretting.

Be Picky & Eat Only Good Food 

Before I started to eat healthier, I had the habit of "tasting" everything I see. Yet, even if I know the cake or biscuit doesn't taste all that great, I'd still eat it for the sake of wanting to chew or munch on something. This is not a habit that's easy to curb but besides turning to my healthy snacks for temporary relief, I've learned to be pickier with my food.

Very simply, I'm conditioning myself whereby if something doesn't taste good, I'm not gonna bother to eat it. Not only is it a waste of stomach space but it's also the added calories that I don't even realize I've consumed. All I know is that my pants were getting tighter. So, if I'm gonna use up my calorie quota for a cheesecake, it better a friggin awesome cheesecake!
By changing the way you approach food and learning how to appreciate good food, you'll find yourself eating a lot less junk and the weight will eventually go down. 

In Part 2, I'll be talking about how to find motivation to exercise regularly!

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